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Planet Additions: Class Of 11/13/2011

Sunday, November 13th, 2011

Michael Bebenita (feed) – Michael joined the Mozilla Research team in October 2011. Before joining Mozilla, Michael was a graduate student at University of California, Irvine in the Secure Systems and Languages Lab where he did research on Java virtual machines and trace-based compilation.

Dan Sinker (feed) – Project lead for the Knight-Mozilla News Technology Partnership.

Alexandre Poirot (feed) – Alexandre Poirot is a Paris based developer in Jetpack team; he is currently focusing on localization support, but he is commonly involved in all Addon SDK developments, and especially memory issues and content scripts sandboxes.

Amir Aharoni (feed) – Amir Aharoni is a linguist and a software developer. He can speak four languages and can read a few others. Amir has been developing software professionally since 1998. His main interest is software localization – he is involved in localization of Firefox and its extensions into Hebrew, as well as in other aspects of software localization and language support, such as is writing automatic tests for bidirectional text support in HTML5 with the Israeli office of W3C. Amir works for the Wikimedia Foundation’s localization group to improve MediaWiki’s support for foreign languages.

John Hammink (feed, feed) – John Hammink joined Mobile QA team as automation lead and prototype developer.