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Planet Additions: Class Of 12/19/2011

Monday, December 19th, 2011

Carla Casilli (feed) – Carla joined the Open Badges team in September 2011 as the Project & Operations Manager for Open Badges. She is committed to examining, encouraging, developing, and improving alternative educational assessment efforts that feed the Open Badge ecosystem. Carla uses her blog to facilitate strategic and exploratory conversations about Mozilla’s Open Badges initiative.

Alan Kligman (feed) – Personal blog about science, hacking, and bringing game development technology to the open web with the Mozilla Foundation and Paladin.

Ross Bruniges (feed) – Ross Bruniges is the Mozilla Foundations web developer and lives in London, England. Having worked in the web industry for over 7 years has worked on projects for banks, radio stations, universities and is now looking to bring all these experiences to Mozilla and continue making lovely websites.

Michelle Levesque (feed) – Michelle Levesque is working with the Mozilla Foundation to create a web literate planet. She plans to teach the world how to become producers (and not just consumers) on the web, so that they can share ideas and express themselves to the rest of the world.

Mike Ratcliffe (feed) – Mike joined the Firefox Developer Tools team in April 2011 after being a long term contributor to Firebug and Firebug Lite. His mission is to help make Firefox the best web development platform on the planet and hence make the web better. Is it me or does Firefox get awesomer and awesomer every day?

Michelle Thorne (feed) – Michelle Thorne is the Global Event Strategist for the Mozilla Foundation. She leads the Mozilla Festival and helps develop event kits to make it easy to organize and host Mozilla-related activities in your own city.

Laura Hilliger (feed) – Laura Hilliger is a multimedia designer and developer, a technical liaison, a project manager, an Open Web hacktivist who is happiest in collaborative environments and aspires to eliminate the digital divide and keep the Web open. She’s an artist, educator, writer and technologist. I’m into Open Web, freedom, education and a million other things.

Martin Best (feed) – Martin has recently joined the Mozilla mission to keep the web open. He will be posting about the work he is doing with the engineering group to look into how they are operating. He will do this by surfacing information on trends, issue, and best practices relating to development activity. He will also be focusing on how Firefox, and HTML5 as a standard, can better support video game development. His past achievements include an Emmy winning ARG, helping setup one of the world’s largest social games in Canada, a bestselling casual game, and a browser based 3D MMORPG developed from the ground up.

Niko Matsakis (feed) – Niko Matsakis is a research engineer at Mozilla Research, where he works on the Rust programming language and the Servo project.

Bobby Richter (feed) – Bobby Richter’s blog about adventures inside the Mozilla Foundation making Popcorn, Paladin, and inventing the future of the web.

Planet Additions: Class Of 12/4/2011

Sunday, December 4th, 2011

Hub Figuiere (feed) – Hub just joined the accessibility team at Mozilla. He is based in Canada and has been contributing to FLOSS for over a decade. His personal focus is Gnome, Linux and Photography.

Jeff Hammel (feed) – Jeff is part of the Tools and Automation team and works on several automated test frameworks.

David Flanagan (feed) – David is a JavaScript programmer and O’Reilly author. He works with the Mozilla Research team and is currently working to implement the browser DOM in JavaScript.

Christian Heilmann (feed) – Chris Heilmann is the principal evangelist for Mozilla and has been blogging on web technologies for the last 6 years. Before Mozilla he was part of the Yahoo Developer Network and before that he spent several years developing large web sites and apps. Originally Chris was a radio journalist and newscaster. Chris lives in England but travels most of the time. His blog mostly contains his presentations, code examples about upcoming technologies and tips and tricks on web development of all kinds.

Rubén Martín (feed) – Rubén (aka Nukeador) has been collaborating with Mozilla community since 2004, mainly in websites’ localization and QA, user support, community marketing and organization, events in Spain and IT tasks at Mozilla Hispano community.

Rami Khader (feed) – Currently Rami is a ReMo council member and a member in the Arabic Mozilla Community, more information

Paul Booker (feed) – Paul will be posting a number of things that are related to the the openweb / federatedsocialweb i.e introducing OStatus, posting about privacy, a monthly letter of interesting reading items.

This round of additions was delayed by a holiday weekend in the US.