Planet Additions: Class Of 1/29/2011

January 29th, 2012 by raccettura

As mentioned previously, we’ve created a new Planet Mozilla Projects which will be home to all project blogs. A RSS feed can be found here.

We have yet to start removing the project blogs from Planet Mozilla to allow for a short transition phase. Soon blogs that are on Planet Mozilla Projects will no longer be syndicated on Planet Mozilla.

We’ll send a few warning shots to make sure everyone is aware and has a chance to check out the new planet if they want to follow those blogs.


Greg Wilson (feed) is the project lead for Software Carpentry. A software developer, author, and teacher, he presently lives in Toronto. He also contributes to Never Work in Theory, a round-up of empirical studies of software development, and helps edit the Architecture of Open Source Applications.

Richard Newman (feed) – Richard Newman is the lead engineer for Firefox Sync on Android and desktop. Englishman abroad. Likes things that tend to reflect badly on one’s life expectancy, such as booze and motorcycles. Blogs about software, services, and people.


Software Carpentry (feed) – Software Carpentry’s goal is to teach scientists and engineers the programming and webmaking skills they need to be more productive in the 21st Century.

7 Responses to “Planet Additions: Class Of 1/29/2011”

  1. mmc Says:

    I don’t see why the Burning Edge is moving to projects… On the other hand I’m quite happy to be rid of Bonjour Mozilla from the main Planet.

  2. Clarista Says:

    What is the problem with Bonjour Mozilla? It exists to highlight the contributors…

  3. Benoit Says:

    While it could make sense to put the projects status/annoucements aside (but why don’t you just highlight them differently instead of moving them?), I don’t understand why you put all community blogs in “projects”.

    The community isn’t a project, it’s the very reason for having a planet at all.

  4. B.J. Herbison Says:

    The project and RSS links in your first paragraph point to a site that isn’t up–I’ve tried the links several times today and yesterday.

    Are the links wrong, or it it just bad luck that the site has been unreachable since you posted the links?

  5. Caspy7 Says:

    Perhaps I missed a previous announcement, can you outline what’s happening – exactly what will exist when things have settled? Perhaps some bullets or chart that shows what’s going to be where?
    I like the current setup as I feel that I’m able to keep my finger on the pulse of Mozilla.
    Will there now be two blog feeds? One that’s only from “persons” and one that’s for official project blogs? I hope we’re not losing anyone.

  6. Sam Says:

    I like having a “project” planet, though it might need better definition of what that means.

    That said, the current project planet needs some of its feed settings tweaked. For example, I got “Mozilla CTF 2012 – Aftermath” as the title of a post. But it should’ve been “Web Application Security β€” Mozilla CTF 2012 – Aftermath”. That’s what the normal planet does and I find it very useful for knowing which posts to skip. (Some people/projects who blog I don’t find interesting.) Can you fix that? :)

  7. B.J. Herbison Says:

    Are the links and (or at all) working for anyone? It’s up, I can ping it.

    I find it interesting that planet is not even listed on the Mozilla server status page ( Of course, neither is this site (