Planet Additions: Class Of 2/14/2012

February 14th, 2012 by raccettura

As mentioned previously, we’ve created a new Planet Mozilla Projects which will be home to all project blogs. A RSS feed can be found here.

We’ll likely start removing the duplication in the next week or two.


Geoff Lankow (feed) – Geoff Lankow is a website developer who started making add-ons to help develop websites. Then he started hacking Mozilla to help making add-ons. These days he spends more time hacking Mozilla than developing websites. He’ll be blogging about changes he’s made that might be useful other developers.

Jason Smith (feed) – Jason join QA in January, and will be working from Mountain View, CA. He is currently providing testing support for Open Web Apps on Desktop and Desktop Firefox.

Panos Astithas (feed) – “I joined Mozilla in April 2011 to work on Firefox Developer Tools. My focus has been mostly on JavaScript-related tools and my most recent project is the Script Debugger, about which I plan to blog more often.”

Mihai Sucan (feed) – “I work for Mozilla as a contractor since the summer of 2010, within the developer tools team. I worked on the Style Inspector, Web Console, Scratchpad and the Source Editor component, and the plan is to continue to do so.”


Mozilla Antarctica (feed) – The Mozilla Antarctica Community: going where no other community has ever gone before (and it’s bloody freezing!)

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