Planet Additions: Class Of 3/26/2012

March 26th, 2012 by raccettura

Dave Camp (feed) – Dave Camp is a Mozilla developer and manages the Firefox Developer Tools team.

Chris McAvoy (feed) – Chris McAvoy is the Mozilla Open Badges product lead. He lives in Chicago with his wife and son.

Kartikaya Gupta (feed) – Kartikaya joined Mozilla in October 2011, and works in the Toronto office. Kartikaya is currently working on Native Fennec, focusing on pan/zoom performance.

Benjamin Kerensa (feed) – Benjamin is part of the Mozilla WebFWD team, working on discovering open source projects to be supported by Mozilla WebFWD.

Will Kahn-Greene (feed) – Will Kahn-Greene joined Mozilla in September 2011 and works in webdev on In his spare time, he works on projects like, MediaGoblin, richard, and Pyblosxom. Will primarily uses his blog for project news, outreach and development-related thoughts. He lives outside of Boston, MA and is thus a remotie.

John Hopkins (feed) – Joined Mozilla in 2010 as Senior Build and Release Engineer with the wonderful Thunderbird team and now working directly with the global Release Engineering team. Making things work better and faster are two things always on my agenda.

Peter Bengtsson (feed) – Peter Bengtsson is a web developer at Mozilla. His blog is a public notepad about various web technology experiences and thoughts related to tech that is fun to play with. Main reason for blogging is to find out that someone out there knows a better way of doing something.

K Lars Lohn (feed) – Trapped at the triple point between a geek, a hippie and a biker, Lars is a self proclaimed Cowboy Programmer in the WebDev group at Mozilla. Programming from a yurt on a flood prone organic farm in Oregon, Lars has been a major force behind the Socorro crash reporting system since 2008. While Lars prefers Python, PostgreSQL and Harleys, he is versed in C++, MySQL and Subarus.

Jen Fong-Adwent (feed) – Jen is a web developer at Mozilla and currently on the Flux team! Jen also likes steak.

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