Planet Additions: Class Of 4/15/2012

April 15th, 2012 by raccettura

Gregory Szorc (feed) – Gregory Szorc is an engineer on the Services team where he works primarily on Sync.

Maire Reavy (feed) – From Maire: “Hi, I’m Maire Reavy, and I’m the new Product Manager for the Media Platform Team. I’ve been working as a developer, tech lead, engineering manager, and product manager in the media (audio, video, image) space since the early 90s. I first got involved with Mozilla around 2000 when my former company (which was an interactive TV company that featured surfing the web from your settop box) decided to change from the browser it was currently using to Mozilla, and I’m thrilled to now be working for Mozilla full-time as the Product guy for Media. There are so many awesome things happening in the Media space at Mozilla that I had to start a blog. I hope to keep people up to speed on the cool stuff we’re doing and the success we’re having, as well as what we’re planning to do and what’s on the horizon in the media space (including challenges we’re facing or likely to face). Most of all I hope to get people excited about our work and interested in helping us and the web whenever and wherever they can.”

William Lachance feed moved.

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