Project Planet

June 6th, 2012 by raccettura

As we’ve been promoting for a while, the Planet team is in the process of separating projects/groups into it’s own Planet Mozilla Projects and leaving individuals (and The Mozilla Blog/Planet Blog) on the “main planet”. This is being done as part of bug 733655.

For the past several weeks project blogs have lived in both places as we give people time to transition. We’re going to start removing project blogs from the main planet now. If you subscribe to Planet by RSS you can simply add the project feed if you want to keep seeing what you’re seeing today.

We hope this will cut down on the volume and give some more choice in consumption on Planet Mozilla.

2 Responses to “Project Planet”

  1. Samuel Sidler Says:

    I would ask you, again, if you can please fix the Planet Mozilla Projects feed.

    The Planet Mozilla feed puts the feed name in the headline (as in, “Planet Mozilla – Project Planet”), where the Planet Mozilla Project feed doesn’t (as in, “Project Planet”). This is really, really annoying.

  2. Robert Accettura Says:

    Samuel: Bug?

    AFAIK ATOM feeds don’t have the feed name prefixed because it’s elsewhere in the feed. RSS puts it inline. You likely have 1 RSS and 1 ATOM.