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Planet Additions: Class Of 7/22/2012

Sunday, July 22nd, 2012


Mozilla L10N (feed) – Users first, no matter where they are.

The calendar blog feed moved.

Planet Additions: Class Of 7/8/2012

Sunday, July 8th, 2012


Doug Belshaw (feed) – Doug Belshaw has recently joined the Mozilla Foundation as Badges and Skills Lead. He’ll be working mainly on web literacies and evangelising Open Badges in the UK, where he’s based.

Brandon Savage (feed) – Brandon is a software developer working on the Socorro project, which is Firefox’s crash collection and analysis system.

Patrick Cloke (feed) – I’m a peer for the chat/ module of Thunderbird and one of the lead developers of Instantbird, which is the source (and shares much) of the code with Thunderbird. My posts should be of interest to the larger Mozilla community. Mostly I blog on various aspects of the IRC protocol and Instantbird/Thunderbird’s shared implementation and other instant messaging topics.

Chris McDonald (feed) – Wraithan (aka Chris McDonald) is a web developer on the Marketplace team. In his free time he is generally found hacking on one of his numerous Python and Node side projects or playing StarCraft 2.

Jan Varga (feed) – “After AOL/Netscape, I joined Mozdev Group and I also had own business involving many mozilla based applications and extensions. I joined MoCo (DOM team) about a year ago and since then I’ve been working on stuff like HTML5 context menus, support for storing files in IndexedDB, support for writable files with locking – FileHandle and other related features. I’m now officially in the WebAPI team, working on unified quota management for IndexedDB, LocalStorage, etc. I will be blogging mostly about WebAPIs and from time to time about life in general.”


about:community (feed) – News and notes from and for the Mozilla community.