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Planet Additions: Class Of 8/20/2012

Monday, August 20th, 2012


Bhavana Bajaj (feed) – “I have joined Mozilla 08/13/2012 and will be working as a Release Manager. Will be having my hands on the Firefox/mobile releases. Also excited about the B2G project. Coming from a corporate company like Goldman Sachs , I am really excited to be at Mozilla who has a strong vision for openness and innovation.I plan to blog about my experience here and anything exciting I come across day-day.”

Chris Peterson (feed) – Software developer on Mozilla’s Firefox for Android team.

Andrea Marchesini (feed) – Andrea Marchesini has recently joined the WebAPI team. His blog is about web technologies, hacking and crazy random projects.

Hanno Schlichting (feed) – An open-source Python geek, located in Hamburg, Germany and as of 2012 part of the Services team.

David W (feed) – David is a student in the uk and has done a lot of projects for Mozilla some includes sumo, accessibility and marketing. David also arranges the sump monthly irc meetings also planning on arranging a big community call.


Mozilla India (feed) – Official Mozilla India blog site.