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Planet Additions: Class Of 11/19/2012

Monday, November 19th, 2012

Ian Melven (feed) – Ian Melven is a security engineer working for Mozilla, currently focused on exploring and developing security features for Firefox. He is passionate about protecting Firefox users and their privacy while they enjoy the web.

Erik Vold (feed) – Erik is a developer working on the Add-on SDK.

Ian Bicking (feed) – Ian Bicking is an employee of Mozilla and a member of the Labs/Innovation group. Before Mozilla he has been involved with a wide variety of Python open source projects, especially in web development; at Mozilla he is working to transfer that experience to a different language (Javascript) and environment (the client).

Ron Piovesan (feed) РRon Piovesan leads business development for Mozilla’s App Marketplace and is responsible for signing distribution deals with major content and games providers.

Leo McArdle (feed) – Blogging about mozilla events, mozilla projects I’m working on and anything else related to Mozilla.

Chris Manchester (feed) – “I’ve been contributing to Mozilla A-team project on and off since January of this year. I’m currently a CS student at the University of Pennsylvania. My field-specific interests include automated testing, programming languages, and theorem proving environments.”

Sriram Ramasubramanian (feed) Sriram has been tweaking UI in Firefox for Android. Occasionally when he gets a “Ah! that works!” moment while hacking Android, he blogs about it.

Bill Walker (feed) – As an engineer working in both startup and enterprise environments, I have a passion for well-designed, well-tested code. As an engineering leader, I make a daily effort to unblock my developers, inspire better coding practice, and keep my team focused on what the customer values most. By encouraging peer-to-peer communication, I foster a community of software practice that can lead to radical gains in productivity and quality.

David Walsh (feed) – David Walsh is a web development enthusiast whose experience ranges from development with the MooTools JavaScript Framework, to hacking the Dojo Toolkit, to experimenting with just about everything on his blog. He spends his days improving the Mozilla Developer Network and Mozilla Marketplace websites at Mozilla.

Nikhil Marathe (feed) – New hire on the Platform team, working on upcoming JavaScript and HTML APIs, and trying to get used to grown-up life.

Pascal Finette feed moved.

Swarnava Sengupta feed moved.


about:pixels (feed) – Hi. We’re Mozilla’s creative team. We’re here to tell the Mozilla Firefox story through visual design, copywriting and general awesomeness.