Planet Additions: Class Of 2/21/2013

February 20th, 2013 by raccettura

Tanvi Vyas (feed) – Tanvi joined Mozilla last year as Security Engineer. Her goal is to build features that make the browser more secure while still providing a good user experience. She also works closely with the Developer Tools team, trying to integrate security into our tools and help developers identity security issues in their web applications before hackers do.

Wes Kocher (feed) – Wes is the release engineer and bugmaster for Mozilla’s Jetpack team.

Aaron Klotz (feed) – Aaron Klotz is a recent addition to the Performance Team at Mozilla. He has written code for a wide range of computing devices, from mobile to enterprise. Off hours he can often be found skiing down expert slopes that are far above his skill level.

Graeme McCutcheon (feed) – Graeme is a longtime contributor to Firefox, living in Glasgow, Scotland. He wanders randomly around the codebase, fixing any bugs that happen to catch his eye.

Eric Wong (feed) – Eric Wong (:ekw) started volunteering and contributing code to Mozilla in early 2012, with a half dozen patches to date. A software engineering dayjob and toddler-aged twin boys wreaking joy and havoc at home only afford him time and energy to snipe at low-hanging fruit for now. But he plans to keep learning more and hopes to start working on non-trivial bugs as he gets more familiar with Mozilla projects.

Selena Deckelmann (feed) – Selena Deckelmann is a data architect working with the WebTools team on Socorro, the open source tool behind She’s a major contributor to PostgreSQL, founder of PyLadiesPDX and chicken keeper in Portland, OR.

Clarista (feed) – Clarista is the author of Bonjour Mozilla. She leads the communication group of the French-speaking community. She is also member of WoMoz.

Kumar McMillan (feed) – Kumar codes Python / JavaScript for the Firefox Marketplace and other open web apps. He also hacks on various open source libraries for developers which you can find at In a parallel universe you can find him DJing music from all genres and styles on and in the Twitterverse you can find him at @kumar303.

Mike Shal (feed) – Mike Shal joined the RelEng team in November 2012. He is the author of the tup build system, and is working to bring faster and more reliable builds to Mozilla’s developers.

Liz Henry (feed) – I’ve started working at Mozilla as the Bugmaster, to ride the beast that is I’m on the Automation Tools team. You can find me (as lizzard) on #introduction, #qa, #developers, and …. #bugmasters!

Anton Kovalyov (feed) – Anton Kovalyov, a member of the Firefox Developer Tools team. Usually blog about programming languages, web and work stuff (which is now Firefox related).

Fredy Rouge (feed) – “I love OpenSoruce and Internet models because they are changing the human history, Mozilla, is in the intersection, is a good place to work out the change.
Some of my initiatives / work: * Creation the Mozilla Québec community and its website * Mozilla Coffee & Beer (mozpub mozcafe), * Migration of Mozilla Colombia’s website to MCS. * Lecture of the “Mozilla Manifesto” in the Congress of the Republic of Colombia under the development and discussion of the local SOPA. * I am user and promoter (individually and in events) of the “Mozilla products and community” since the netscape times. * Creation of Mozilla’s Persona Themes.”

François Marier feed moved.


Mozilla UX (feed) – Designing great products that make sense & bring joy.

Mozilla Research (feed) – This is the blog for the Mozilla Research core team and community, where we talk about projects, initiatives, collaborations, and experiments in the open web platform.

Mozilla Websites (feed) – The voice of the Mozilla Web Productions team that includes recent enhancements, user experience improvements, and metrics of our primary engagement websites.

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