Planet Additions: Class Of 3/31/2013

March 31st, 2013 by raccettura

Andrew Overholt (feed) – Andrew Overholt manages the WebAPI team at Mozilla. In a previous life he worked on Eclipse and other open source Java technology at Red Hat. He lives in Toronto.

Avi Halachmi (feed) – “I recently joined the Performance team. Among my interests are various aspects of user experience such as privacy, UI, usability, performance, scrolling, smoothness, and more. I also contribute to few OSS projects (PCSX2, Quassel IRC, and few others in the past). I’ve been maintaining the SmoothWheel Firefox addon since 2003. Before joining Mozilla, I worked for IBM, SanDisk, and several start-up companies. Oh, and I ride bikes ;)”

Honza Bambas (feed) – Network team member, Necko, DOM and Core every-day contributor since around 2008, specializing in networking and performance.

Irving Reid (feed) – “I am a Mozilla employee working on the Firefox performance team, aka “Snappy”, and on Thunderbird. I’ll mostly be writing about my Firefox performance work.”

Justin Crawford (feed) – Justin Crawford is a Web Product Engineer who works on Mozilla’s community-facing web properties. He lives with his family in Boulder where he previously founded and led a consultancy designing and building products for early-stage startups. In his tinkering time he likes to launch self-serving niche publications on the web, write short stories, fix bikes, and make random things in the workshop.

Seif Lotfy (feed) – “I am working on tools to automate contributors recognition and some other fun stuff which can be read on my blog.”


Craftyy Communique (feed) – Craftyy keeps games replayable by making them remixable. Games that truly belong to the players.

Identity at Mozilla (feed) – The purpose of this blog is to share updates, vision, and technical details related to the Identity team. This team’s flagship project is the Persona service and the BrowserID authentication protocol.

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