Planet Additions: Class Of 6/30/2013

June 30th, 2013 by raccettura

Michael Coates (feed) – I currently have a security blog that is listed on planet based on my Mozilla tag. This blog is only for security related items. The purpose of this new blog is to expand the scope of discussions while specifically focusing on Mozilla.

Adam Roach (feed) – Adam Roach works with Mozilla’s WebRTC implementation team putting real-time technologies into the core library shared by Firefox and FirefoxOS. He has been crafting the world of Real Time Communications over IP since 1997 by doing protocol standardization, architecture, design, and implementation.

Tim Chien [timdream] (feed) is a Taiwan-based Mozilla contributor since around 2009. He later joined Mozilla Corp to work on Gaia, the front-end of Firefox OS. He now manages the Gaia team in Taipei, Taiwan.

Rebeccah Mullen (feed) – Rebeccah makes pictures and webmaker projects and videos and writes and stuff and things. She never, ever, ever sleeps so she’s almost entirely made up of raw enthusiasm. You can find her working on @mozilla, @webmaker, Mozilla Facebook, Mozilla Webmaker Tumblr, and even a few G+ communities – you know, in her spare time. Recently she’s been producing Webmaker updates for the All Hands meetings using Popcorn Maker. Say hi on @ModReplica, because she loves that!

Ibrahima SARR (feed) – I studied Applied Lignuistics, Language Teaching Methodology, Translation and CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning) at Moray House College in Edinburgh, Scotland. My team and I have been involved in Fula translation and localization as well as promoting the language on the Internet ( In 2009, I lead the Fula teams on the 100 locales program and successfully completed the work for locales for Fula_sn, Fula_mr and Fula_gn. I also created most Fualh terminology for ICT especially Firefox terminology. Fulah is not a well resourced language and almost everything had to be created from scratch. But we have implemented a method of creating terminology that respects consistency and coherence. I started translating Joomla and other OpenSource CMS’s. Then I discovered Tuxpaint and started translation with PoEdit. In 2009 I completed the Fula part of the “locales for 100 African languages” project. I was also involved in translation of Pootle’s basic terminology and Pootle server into Fulah. Our biggest achievement yet is the localization ofFirefox in Fulah which is released this summer (2012). I have worked extensively on font creation, keyboard layouts creation and I am planning to build a physical “pan-Senegalese/Mauritanian” keyboard usable to type Fulah, Wolof, Soninke, Sereer. I speak, read and write English, French, Fulah (Pulaar-Fulfulde) Mauritanian Arabic and Wolof. I read and write Spanish, some Italian and Arabic. I like web and graphics design and when I have time, I write news articles for my website in Fulah (, the first website ever in Fulah language and the most visited. I use the Internet daily as administrator of two websites and a community blog and my personal blog, all of these dedicated to Fulah language and culture. I am also a veteran Flight Simulator enthusiast and have been flying hardcore for many years. Just love aeronautics, flying, planes, airports…

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  1. Roland Says:

    I too am a flight simulator enthusiast. What software do you use Ibrahima? I have a variety of different solutions and my favorite is probably X-plane. Still, not as good as the real thing though.