Planet Additions: Class Of 10/13/2013

October 13th, 2013 by raccettura


J. Ryan Stinnett (feed) – Recently joined the Firefox Dev Tools team, and will soon be posting about more developments there.

Rick Eyre (feed) – I’m a new graduate of Seneca College in Toronto, Ontario, Canada working at Seneca College’s Center for Development of Open Technology. I work primarily on implementing the <track> and WebVTT specs in Gecko and dabble in other areas of Gecko in my spare time. I’m interested in continuing to contribute to Mozilla projects in as many ways as I can.

Guillaume Destuynder (feed) – Guillaume is part of the Security Assurance team at Mozilla and is also contributing to the Firefox OS sandbox.

Kris Maglione (feed) – Kris Maglione is a software developer, based in Portland, OR, who works for Mozilla on all things add-on related. He is best known for his valiant but ultimately futile attempts to keep his calm in the face of bad code, his encyclopedic knowledge of Firefox internals, and his inordinate attachment to his bicycle and commensurate hatred of cars.

Seth Fowler (feed) – I work on web rendering – images, layout, and graphics – and I’ve started blogging about these topics.

Andrew T (feed) – Sumo contributor for about 2 years, answering support forum questions, kb editor and reviewer. Some Facebook post responding.

Paul McLanahan (feed) – Paul McLanahan is a Sr. Web Developer with the Mozilla Corporation. He primarily helps maintain and improve the new Django-based codebase for (Bedrock) and the associated Mozilla newsletter subscription service (Basket). He also wrote and maintains (for better or worse) When not blogging about Mozilla, he’s like to be playing Tuba, hacking on stuff, and helping his Son with the same.

Ryan Kelly (feed) – Ryan is a software engineer with Mozilla’s Cloud Services team, currently working on Firefox Accounts and the next-generation Firefox Sync. He enjoys Python, JavaScript and Logic Programming, and works remotely from a seaside village near Melbourne, Australia.

Soledad Penades (feed) – Sole recently joined Mozilla as an HTML5 engineer, working on the Apps engineering team. She works on making things easier for people to make apps, and loves tinkering with new Web APIs, specially if that involves graphics or audio.

Melissa (feed) – Nomadic educational consultant working on TIE and education for development. Moved to London after 6 years in Latin America, 6 years in the US, and 16 in Japan. Currently working on Make Things Do Stuff in the UK, spreading the good word of webmaking, and building partnerships all over. Thrive on Engrish, reading, and salsa dancing. English-日本語-Español.


Appsembler (feed) – Appsembler is one of the Mozilla WebFwd companies that just graduated from the program. We are building an appstore for open source web applications, and would very much like to share our process to the greater Mozilla community through the Planet Mozilla site.

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