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Planet Additions: Class Of 10/13/2013

Sunday, October 13th, 2013


J. Ryan Stinnett (feed) – Recently joined the Firefox Dev Tools team, and will soon be posting about more developments there.

Rick Eyre (feed) – I’m a new graduate of Seneca College in Toronto, Ontario, Canada working at Seneca College’s Center for Development of Open Technology. I work primarily on implementing the <track> and WebVTT specs in Gecko and dabble in other areas of Gecko in my spare time. I’m interested in continuing to contribute to Mozilla projects in as many ways as I can.

Guillaume Destuynder (feed) – Guillaume is part of the Security Assurance team at Mozilla and is also contributing to the Firefox OS sandbox.

Kris Maglione (feed) – Kris Maglione is a software developer, based in Portland, OR, who works for Mozilla on all things add-on related. He is best known for his valiant but ultimately futile attempts to keep his calm in the face of bad code, his encyclopedic knowledge of Firefox internals, and his inordinate attachment to his bicycle and commensurate hatred of cars.

Seth Fowler (feed) – I work on web rendering – images, layout, and graphics – and I’ve started blogging about these topics.

Andrew T (feed) – Sumo contributor for about 2 years, answering support forum questions, kb editor and reviewer. Some Facebook post responding.

Paul McLanahan (feed) – Paul McLanahan is a Sr. Web Developer with the Mozilla Corporation. He primarily helps maintain and improve the new Django-based codebase for (Bedrock) and the associated Mozilla newsletter subscription service (Basket). He also wrote and maintains (for better or worse) When not blogging about Mozilla, he’s like to be playing Tuba, hacking on stuff, and helping his Son with the same.

Ryan Kelly (feed) – Ryan is a software engineer with Mozilla’s Cloud Services team, currently working on Firefox Accounts and the next-generation Firefox Sync. He enjoys Python, JavaScript and Logic Programming, and works remotely from a seaside village near Melbourne, Australia.

Soledad Penades (feed) – Sole recently joined Mozilla as an HTML5 engineer, working on the Apps engineering team. She works on making things easier for people to make apps, and loves tinkering with new Web APIs, specially if that involves graphics or audio.

Melissa (feed) – Nomadic educational consultant working on TIE and education for development. Moved to London after 6 years in Latin America, 6 years in the US, and 16 in Japan. Currently working on Make Things Do Stuff in the UK, spreading the good word of webmaking, and building partnerships all over. Thrive on Engrish, reading, and salsa dancing. English-日本語-Español.


Appsembler (feed) – Appsembler is one of the Mozilla WebFwd companies that just graduated from the program. We are building an appstore for open source web applications, and would very much like to share our process to the greater Mozilla community through the Planet Mozilla site.

Planet Additions: Class Of 6/30/2013

Sunday, June 30th, 2013

Michael Coates (feed) – I currently have a security blog that is listed on planet based on my Mozilla tag. This blog is only for security related items. The purpose of this new blog is to expand the scope of discussions while specifically focusing on Mozilla.

Adam Roach (feed) – Adam Roach works with Mozilla’s WebRTC implementation team putting real-time technologies into the core library shared by Firefox and FirefoxOS. He has been crafting the world of Real Time Communications over IP since 1997 by doing protocol standardization, architecture, design, and implementation.

Tim Chien [timdream] (feed) is a Taiwan-based Mozilla contributor since around 2009. He later joined Mozilla Corp to work on Gaia, the front-end of Firefox OS. He now manages the Gaia team in Taipei, Taiwan.

Rebeccah Mullen (feed) – Rebeccah makes pictures and webmaker projects and videos and writes and stuff and things. She never, ever, ever sleeps so she’s almost entirely made up of raw enthusiasm. You can find her working on @mozilla, @webmaker, Mozilla Facebook, Mozilla Webmaker Tumblr, and even a few G+ communities – you know, in her spare time. Recently she’s been producing Webmaker updates for the All Hands meetings using Popcorn Maker. Say hi on @ModReplica, because she loves that!

Ibrahima SARR (feed) – I studied Applied Lignuistics, Language Teaching Methodology, Translation and CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning) at Moray House College in Edinburgh, Scotland. My team and I have been involved in Fula translation and localization as well as promoting the language on the Internet ( In 2009, I lead the Fula teams on the 100 locales program and successfully completed the work for locales for Fula_sn, Fula_mr and Fula_gn. I also created most Fualh terminology for ICT especially Firefox terminology. Fulah is not a well resourced language and almost everything had to be created from scratch. But we have implemented a method of creating terminology that respects consistency and coherence. I started translating Joomla and other OpenSource CMS’s. Then I discovered Tuxpaint and started translation with PoEdit. In 2009 I completed the Fula part of the “locales for 100 African languages” project. I was also involved in translation of Pootle’s basic terminology and Pootle server into Fulah. Our biggest achievement yet is the localization ofFirefox in Fulah which is released this summer (2012). I have worked extensively on font creation, keyboard layouts creation and I am planning to build a physical “pan-Senegalese/Mauritanian” keyboard usable to type Fulah, Wolof, Soninke, Sereer. I speak, read and write English, French, Fulah (Pulaar-Fulfulde) Mauritanian Arabic and Wolof. I read and write Spanish, some Italian and Arabic. I like web and graphics design and when I have time, I write news articles for my website in Fulah (, the first website ever in Fulah language and the most visited. I use the Internet daily as administrator of two websites and a community blog and my personal blog, all of these dedicated to Fulah language and culture. I am also a veteran Flight Simulator enthusiast and have been flying hardcore for many years. Just love aeronautics, flying, planes, airports…

Planet Additions: Class Of 6/9/2013

Sunday, June 9th, 2013

Monica Chew (feed) – Monica is a software engineer who likes user sovereignty, tab sovereignty, tests, documentation, and shipping code. She works on the security and privacy team.

Jordan Santell (feed) – Jordan Santell joined the Jetpack team as a JavaScript developer, working on API design and new Addon-SDK features. Loving creating APIs, node.js, build tools, Web Audio, and heavy metal. Creator of dancer.js, ogg.js and poet.

Kat Braybrooke (feed) – Kat Braybrooke (keyboardkat) is an open designer and anthropologist who has just joined Mozilla in London as Hacking Popular Culture Liaison, aiming to help enable the next generation of web users to become web builders with the Webmaker team. In her previous work with the Open Knowledge Foundation (, she coordinated the world’s first Open Knowledge Festival 2012 in Helsinki and built the Open Book, a crowdsourced publication about openness around the world ( She is a co-founder of the Open Design Working Group and has a MSc Digital Anthropology from University College London for a 2011 ethnography on the role of gender embodiment and identity amongst F/LOSS hackers in Europe.

Sandip Kamat (feed) – Sandip Kamat is part of the Product Management team at Mozilla working on Firefox OS. He has spent most his working life in mobile technologies & launching cool devices. His previous companies include Motorola (yes, worked on both the product series: RAZRs and DROIDs) and Siemens Mobile. When not flight-hopping, he lives in San Diego. Apart from his family & kids, he also loves the sun and the ocean there.

Jack Moffitt (feed) – I’m a hacker and entrepreneur based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I currently work for Mozilla Research on Servo, a new, experimental, parallel web browser engine. I have founded several startups built on XMPP technology including Collecta, a real-time search engine for the Web, and Chesspark, a real-time, multi-user gaming platform.

Eddy Bruel (feed) – Eddy Bruel joined the Jetpack team as a platform developer about two years ago. He likes to stick close to the metal, making C++ his language of choice. His interests include language design and compiler construction. As such, he primarily hacks around in SpiderMonkey whenever he gets the chance. A firm believer that open source is as much, if not more about people than it is about code, Eddy started this blog not just to share his own experiences, but to get more involved with the community as well.

Planet Additions: Class Of 3/31/2013

Sunday, March 31st, 2013

Andrew Overholt (feed) – Andrew Overholt manages the WebAPI team at Mozilla. In a previous life he worked on Eclipse and other open source Java technology at Red Hat. He lives in Toronto.

Avi Halachmi (feed) – “I recently joined the Performance team. Among my interests are various aspects of user experience such as privacy, UI, usability, performance, scrolling, smoothness, and more. I also contribute to few OSS projects (PCSX2, Quassel IRC, and few others in the past). I’ve been maintaining the SmoothWheel Firefox addon since 2003. Before joining Mozilla, I worked for IBM, SanDisk, and several start-up companies. Oh, and I ride bikes ;)”

Honza Bambas (feed) – Network team member, Necko, DOM and Core every-day contributor since around 2008, specializing in networking and performance.

Irving Reid (feed) – “I am a Mozilla employee working on the Firefox performance team, aka “Snappy”, and on Thunderbird. I’ll mostly be writing about my Firefox performance work.”

Justin Crawford (feed) – Justin Crawford is a Web Product Engineer who works on Mozilla’s community-facing web properties. He lives with his family in Boulder where he previously founded and led a consultancy designing and building products for early-stage startups. In his tinkering time he likes to launch self-serving niche publications on the web, write short stories, fix bikes, and make random things in the workshop.

Seif Lotfy (feed) – “I am working on tools to automate contributors recognition and some other fun stuff which can be read on my blog.”


Craftyy Communique (feed) – Craftyy keeps games replayable by making them remixable. Games that truly belong to the players.

Identity at Mozilla (feed) – The purpose of this blog is to share updates, vision, and technical details related to the Identity team. This team’s flagship project is the Persona service and the BrowserID authentication protocol.

Planet Additions: Class Of 2/21/2013

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

Tanvi Vyas (feed) – Tanvi joined Mozilla last year as Security Engineer. Her goal is to build features that make the browser more secure while still providing a good user experience. She also works closely with the Developer Tools team, trying to integrate security into our tools and help developers identity security issues in their web applications before hackers do.

Wes Kocher (feed) – Wes is the release engineer and bugmaster for Mozilla’s Jetpack team.

Aaron Klotz (feed) – Aaron Klotz is a recent addition to the Performance Team at Mozilla. He has written code for a wide range of computing devices, from mobile to enterprise. Off hours he can often be found skiing down expert slopes that are far above his skill level.

Graeme McCutcheon (feed) – Graeme is a longtime contributor to Firefox, living in Glasgow, Scotland. He wanders randomly around the codebase, fixing any bugs that happen to catch his eye.

Eric Wong (feed) – Eric Wong (:ekw) started volunteering and contributing code to Mozilla in early 2012, with a half dozen patches to date. A software engineering dayjob and toddler-aged twin boys wreaking joy and havoc at home only afford him time and energy to snipe at low-hanging fruit for now. But he plans to keep learning more and hopes to start working on non-trivial bugs as he gets more familiar with Mozilla projects.

Selena Deckelmann (feed) – Selena Deckelmann is a data architect working with the WebTools team on Socorro, the open source tool behind She’s a major contributor to PostgreSQL, founder of PyLadiesPDX and chicken keeper in Portland, OR.

Clarista (feed) – Clarista is the author of Bonjour Mozilla. She leads the communication group of the French-speaking community. She is also member of WoMoz.

Kumar McMillan (feed) – Kumar codes Python / JavaScript for the Firefox Marketplace and other open web apps. He also hacks on various open source libraries for developers which you can find at In a parallel universe you can find him DJing music from all genres and styles on and in the Twitterverse you can find him at @kumar303.

Mike Shal (feed) – Mike Shal joined the RelEng team in November 2012. He is the author of the tup build system, and is working to bring faster and more reliable builds to Mozilla’s developers.

Liz Henry (feed) – I’ve started working at Mozilla as the Bugmaster, to ride the beast that is I’m on the Automation Tools team. You can find me (as lizzard) on #introduction, #qa, #developers, and …. #bugmasters!

Anton Kovalyov (feed) – Anton Kovalyov, a member of the Firefox Developer Tools team. Usually blog about programming languages, web and work stuff (which is now Firefox related).

Fredy Rouge (feed) – “I love OpenSoruce and Internet models because they are changing the human history, Mozilla, is in the intersection, is a good place to work out the change.
Some of my initiatives / work: * Creation the Mozilla Québec community and its website * Mozilla Coffee & Beer (mozpub mozcafe), * Migration of Mozilla Colombia’s website to MCS. * Lecture of the “Mozilla Manifesto” in the Congress of the Republic of Colombia under the development and discussion of the local SOPA. * I am user and promoter (individually and in events) of the “Mozilla products and community” since the netscape times. * Creation of Mozilla’s Persona Themes.”

François Marier feed moved.


Mozilla UX (feed) – Designing great products that make sense & bring joy.

Mozilla Research (feed) – This is the blog for the Mozilla Research core team and community, where we talk about projects, initiatives, collaborations, and experiments in the open web platform.

Mozilla Websites (feed) – The voice of the Mozilla Web Productions team that includes recent enhancements, user experience improvements, and metrics of our primary engagement websites.

Planet Additions: Class Of 11/19/2012

Monday, November 19th, 2012

Ian Melven (feed) – Ian Melven is a security engineer working for Mozilla, currently focused on exploring and developing security features for Firefox. He is passionate about protecting Firefox users and their privacy while they enjoy the web.

Erik Vold (feed) – Erik is a developer working on the Add-on SDK.

Ian Bicking (feed) – Ian Bicking is an employee of Mozilla and a member of the Labs/Innovation group. Before Mozilla he has been involved with a wide variety of Python open source projects, especially in web development; at Mozilla he is working to transfer that experience to a different language (Javascript) and environment (the client).

Ron Piovesan (feed) – Ron Piovesan leads business development for Mozilla’s App Marketplace and is responsible for signing distribution deals with major content and games providers.

Leo McArdle (feed) – Blogging about mozilla events, mozilla projects I’m working on and anything else related to Mozilla.

Chris Manchester (feed) – “I’ve been contributing to Mozilla A-team project on and off since January of this year. I’m currently a CS student at the University of Pennsylvania. My field-specific interests include automated testing, programming languages, and theorem proving environments.”

Sriram Ramasubramanian (feed) Sriram has been tweaking UI in Firefox for Android. Occasionally when he gets a “Ah! that works!” moment while hacking Android, he blogs about it.

Bill Walker (feed) – As an engineer working in both startup and enterprise environments, I have a passion for well-designed, well-tested code. As an engineering leader, I make a daily effort to unblock my developers, inspire better coding practice, and keep my team focused on what the customer values most. By encouraging peer-to-peer communication, I foster a community of software practice that can lead to radical gains in productivity and quality.

David Walsh (feed) – David Walsh is a web development enthusiast whose experience ranges from development with the MooTools JavaScript Framework, to hacking the Dojo Toolkit, to experimenting with just about everything on his blog. He spends his days improving the Mozilla Developer Network and Mozilla Marketplace websites at Mozilla.

Nikhil Marathe (feed) – New hire on the Platform team, working on upcoming JavaScript and HTML APIs, and trying to get used to grown-up life.

Pascal Finette feed moved.

Swarnava Sengupta feed moved.


about:pixels (feed) – Hi. We’re Mozilla’s creative team. We’re here to tell the Mozilla Firefox story through visual design, copywriting and general awesomeness.

Planet Additions: Class Of 9/25/2012

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012


Siddhartha Dugar (feed) – Siddhartha Dugar is a proud Mozillian and an addon developer. He likes to play with CSS and JS, and is an active member of MozillaZine, and the Army-of-Awesome.

Matthew Larrain (feed) – Dealing with Microsoft Windows @ Mozilla – Automation, Group Policy and more.

Les Orchard feed moved here.


Mozilla Gfx Team (feed) – The primary purpose of this blog is to help communication across and around the Mozilla Gfx team. In particular, we want to help non-employee contributors be better connected and better informed of any relevant developments.

Planet Additions: Class Of 8/20/2012

Monday, August 20th, 2012


Bhavana Bajaj (feed) – “I have joined Mozilla 08/13/2012 and will be working as a Release Manager. Will be having my hands on the Firefox/mobile releases. Also excited about the B2G project. Coming from a corporate company like Goldman Sachs , I am really excited to be at Mozilla who has a strong vision for openness and innovation.I plan to blog about my experience here and anything exciting I come across day-day.”

Chris Peterson (feed) – Software developer on Mozilla’s Firefox for Android team.

Andrea Marchesini (feed) – Andrea Marchesini has recently joined the WebAPI team. His blog is about web technologies, hacking and crazy random projects.

Hanno Schlichting (feed) – An open-source Python geek, located in Hamburg, Germany and as of 2012 part of the Services team.

David W (feed) – David is a student in the uk and has done a lot of projects for Mozilla some includes sumo, accessibility and marketing. David also arranges the sump monthly irc meetings also planning on arranging a big community call.


Mozilla India (feed) – Official Mozilla India blog site.

Planet Additions: Class Of 7/22/2012

Sunday, July 22nd, 2012


Mozilla L10N (feed) – Users first, no matter where they are.

The calendar blog feed moved.

Planet Additions: Class Of 7/8/2012

Sunday, July 8th, 2012


Doug Belshaw (feed) – Doug Belshaw has recently joined the Mozilla Foundation as Badges and Skills Lead. He’ll be working mainly on web literacies and evangelising Open Badges in the UK, where he’s based.

Brandon Savage (feed) – Brandon is a software developer working on the Socorro project, which is Firefox’s crash collection and analysis system.

Patrick Cloke (feed) – I’m a peer for the chat/ module of Thunderbird and one of the lead developers of Instantbird, which is the source (and shares much) of the code with Thunderbird. My posts should be of interest to the larger Mozilla community. Mostly I blog on various aspects of the IRC protocol and Instantbird/Thunderbird’s shared implementation and other instant messaging topics.

Chris McDonald (feed) – Wraithan (aka Chris McDonald) is a web developer on the Marketplace team. In his free time he is generally found hacking on one of his numerous Python and Node side projects or playing StarCraft 2.

Jan Varga (feed) – “After AOL/Netscape, I joined Mozdev Group and I also had own business involving many mozilla based applications and extensions. I joined MoCo (DOM team) about a year ago and since then I’ve been working on stuff like HTML5 context menus, support for storing files in IndexedDB, support for writable files with locking – FileHandle and other related features. I’m now officially in the WebAPI team, working on unified quota management for IndexedDB, LocalStorage, etc. I will be blogging mostly about WebAPIs and from time to time about life in general.”


about:community (feed) – News and notes from and for the Mozilla community.