Planet Additions: Class Of 7/8/2012

July 8th, 2012 by raccettura


Doug Belshaw (feed) – Doug Belshaw has recently joined the Mozilla Foundation as Badges and Skills Lead. He’ll be working mainly on web literacies and evangelising Open Badges in the UK, where he’s based.

Brandon Savage (feed) – Brandon is a software developer working on the Socorro project, which is Firefox’s crash collection and analysis system.

Patrick Cloke (feed) – I’m a peer for the chat/ module of Thunderbird and one of the lead developers of Instantbird, which is the source (and shares much) of the code with Thunderbird. My posts should be of interest to the larger Mozilla community. Mostly I blog on various aspects of the IRC protocol and Instantbird/Thunderbird’s shared implementation and other instant messaging topics.

Chris McDonald (feed) – Wraithan (aka Chris McDonald) is a web developer on the Marketplace team. In his free time he is generally found hacking on one of his numerous Python and Node side projects or playing StarCraft 2.

Jan Varga (feed) – “After AOL/Netscape, I joined Mozdev Group and I also had own business involving many mozilla based applications and extensions. I joined MoCo (DOM team) about a year ago and since then I’ve been working on stuff like HTML5 context menus, support for storing files in IndexedDB, support for writable files with locking – FileHandle and other related features. I’m now officially in the WebAPI team, working on unified quota management for IndexedDB, LocalStorage, etc. I will be blogging mostly about WebAPIs and from time to time about life in general.”


about:community (feed) – News and notes from and for the Mozilla community.

Project Planet

June 6th, 2012 by raccettura

As we’ve been promoting for a while, the Planet team is in the process of separating projects/groups into it’s own Planet Mozilla Projects and leaving individuals (and The Mozilla Blog/Planet Blog) on the “main planet”. This is being done as part of bug 733655.

For the past several weeks project blogs have lived in both places as we give people time to transition. We’re going to start removing project blogs from the main planet now. If you subscribe to Planet by RSS you can simply add the project feed if you want to keep seeing what you’re seeing today.

We hope this will cut down on the volume and give some more choice in consumption on Planet Mozilla.

Planet Additions: Class Of 6/3/2012

June 3rd, 2012 by raccettura


Yvan Boily (feed) – Yvan Boily is an Application Security Manager at Mozilla currently working on Mozilla Identity efforts.

Gabor Krizsanits (feed) – Gabor Krizsanits has joined the Jetpack team last Summer and trying to help out the team from the platform side with fixes and new features. He is mainly hacking around XPConnect these days and would like to share his experiences with the word.

Kim Moir (feed) – Kim joined RelEng at the end of April, and will be working from Ottawa, ON. She will be working on refining Mozilla’s build, test, and release processes. Before joining Mozilla, she was a release engineer at Eclipse where she learned that there is nothing better than working with smart people to deliver great software in open source communities.

Scott Johnson (feed) – Scott is a platform developer on the layout team at mozilla. He specializes in computational geometry, real-time rendering, and image processing. Scott has been contributing to mozilla since 2011, and sometimes blogs about layout and graphics related issues on his blog, “The Nothingness of Scott.”

Nick Hurley (feed) – A gecko (specifically necko) hacker who loves the web, my family, and brewing (and drinking!) beer.

Patrick Walton feed moved.


Mozilla Ignite (feed) – Cutting edge networks can do things today’s internet can’t, with blazing speeds up to 250 times faster. What would you do with that kind of power? How can it help change the world? This blog explores gigabit networks and keeps you up to date on the Mozilla Ignite Challenge.

Mozilla and the National Science Foundation are launching an open innovation challenge that offers support, funding and access to one of the most advanced networks on the planet.

Planet Addition: Nick Cameron

May 15th, 2012 by raccettura

Nick Cameron (feed) – Nick Cameron joined Mozilla in January 2012 and works on graphics and layout from Auckland, NZ. Previously, he has been working on research in type theory and language design.

Planet Additions: Class Of 4/29/2012

April 29th, 2012 by raccettura


François Marier (feed) – François has recently joined the Identity team and will be working on Persona from Auckland, New Zealand. He is the lead developer of and is passionate about fixing problems on the web in an open and distributed way.


Firefox Flicks (feed) – A Global Video Contest to Tell Our Story.

Planet Additions: Class Of 4/15/2012

April 15th, 2012 by raccettura

Gregory Szorc (feed) – Gregory Szorc is an engineer on the Services team where he works primarily on Sync.

Maire Reavy (feed) – From Maire: “Hi, I’m Maire Reavy, and I’m the new Product Manager for the Media Platform Team. I’ve been working as a developer, tech lead, engineering manager, and product manager in the media (audio, video, image) space since the early 90s. I first got involved with Mozilla around 2000 when my former company (which was an interactive TV company that featured surfing the web from your settop box) decided to change from the browser it was currently using to Mozilla, and I’m thrilled to now be working for Mozilla full-time as the Product guy for Media. There are so many awesome things happening in the Media space at Mozilla that I had to start a blog. I hope to keep people up to speed on the cool stuff we’re doing and the success we’re having, as well as what we’re planning to do and what’s on the horizon in the media space (including challenges we’re facing or likely to face). Most of all I hope to get people excited about our work and interested in helping us and the web whenever and wherever they can.”

William Lachance feed moved.

Planet Additions: Class Of 3/26/2012

March 26th, 2012 by raccettura

Dave Camp (feed) – Dave Camp is a Mozilla developer and manages the Firefox Developer Tools team.

Chris McAvoy (feed) – Chris McAvoy is the Mozilla Open Badges product lead. He lives in Chicago with his wife and son.

Kartikaya Gupta (feed) – Kartikaya joined Mozilla in October 2011, and works in the Toronto office. Kartikaya is currently working on Native Fennec, focusing on pan/zoom performance.

Benjamin Kerensa (feed) – Benjamin is part of the Mozilla WebFWD team, working on discovering open source projects to be supported by Mozilla WebFWD.

Will Kahn-Greene (feed) – Will Kahn-Greene joined Mozilla in September 2011 and works in webdev on In his spare time, he works on projects like, MediaGoblin, richard, and Pyblosxom. Will primarily uses his blog for project news, outreach and development-related thoughts. He lives outside of Boston, MA and is thus a remotie.

John Hopkins (feed) – Joined Mozilla in 2010 as Senior Build and Release Engineer with the wonderful Thunderbird team and now working directly with the global Release Engineering team. Making things work better and faster are two things always on my agenda.

Peter Bengtsson (feed) – Peter Bengtsson is a web developer at Mozilla. His blog is a public notepad about various web technology experiences and thoughts related to tech that is fun to play with. Main reason for blogging is to find out that someone out there knows a better way of doing something.

K Lars Lohn (feed) – Trapped at the triple point between a geek, a hippie and a biker, Lars is a self proclaimed Cowboy Programmer in the WebDev group at Mozilla. Programming from a yurt on a flood prone organic farm in Oregon, Lars has been a major force behind the Socorro crash reporting system since 2008. While Lars prefers Python, PostgreSQL and Harleys, he is versed in C++, MySQL and Subarus.

Jen Fong-Adwent (feed) – Jen is a web developer at Mozilla and currently on the Flux team! Jen also likes steak.

Planet Additions: Class Of 3/11/2012

March 11th, 2012 by raccettura


Swarnava Sengupta (feed) – Swarnava is a Student and He is very Passionate about Software Specially Mozilla, currently he is involved with project, He is the Bengali Locale Leader at SUMO(, also help Firefox user via Support forum, twitter(Army of Awesome) and also Official Firefox Facebook Page, He is also an active contibutor on Utorrent, Kaspersky, Norton and Localize few Firefox Addon

Christie Koehler (feed) – Christie joined Mozilla Webdev six months ago as a Web Product Engineer. She has a wealth of experience in web development as well as open-source community building and looks forward to sharing her experiences with the Mozilla community.

George Wright (feed) – George Wright is a long-time open source fan who used to work on WebKit and more recently Mozilla.

Justin Dolske’s feed was updated.

Ben Adida’s feed was updated.

Matt Thompson’s feed was updated.

Ian Gilman’s feed was updated.


Beyond The Code (feed) – Beyond the Code is an official Mozilla blog focused on explaining how Mozilla’s non-profit nature and mission influences what we do, from products to events, campaigns, specifications and documentation.

Arabic Mozilla (feed) – is a new site for the Arabic Mozilla community, the community created for Mozilla users coming from 22 Arabic countries.

The Den (feed) – The Den is the new user engagement blog where our great content lives. It’s not written by a person, but rather by the user engagement team to connect and inform, entertain and engage our end users.

Concerns with Planet Content

March 6th, 2012 by raccettura


The Planet Mozilla Module Team has received several complaints today regarding a recent post on Planet. This is not the first time something like this has happened, and we definitely want to understand when people are unhappy with the service that Planet Mozilla offers. We’d like to take this opportunity to clarify our policy and respond to the complaints.

Our policy for the last five years, since the creation of an official Mozilla module for, has been that we do not filter or censor content on Planet. Further, we have encouraged our community to share more than just their Mozilla-related activities on Planet. We desire that Planet reflect the people of Mozilla and not just the work output of the project. It remains a personal choice of those on Planet as to how much to share. People syndicating their blogs to Planet may submit a full blog feed or a curated Mozilla-related feed. We do not intend to change this policy.

The result is content that isn’t always interesting or even “acceptable” to everybody in our community. We feel that the good of sharing the unfiltered (by us) lives of the diverse Mozilla community outweighs the occasional controversial post, and we rely on those syndicating their blogs to Planet to publish to this medium responsibly.

That being said, we have been talking for several years about creating an additional feed that is curated to only contain Mozilla-related topics. We’re not yet sure how we’re going to accomplish that without a lot of manual work due to technical reasons, but as a result of recent feedback from various Mozillians and our desire to make Planet useful to people who do not want to see non-Mozilla content, we will increase our efforts to develop that solution. Bug 733657 tracks this effort.

Finally, we have additional improvements coming to make Planet easier to consume. Following the lead of planet instances at other open source projects — which treat their planets as a collection of people — we are “returning to our roots” by starting the process of separating content generated by individuals from content generated by the project. We’re going to move the project blogs and status posts into their own planet instance and remove them from the main Planet shortly (tracked as bug 733655). Those wishing to follow only Mozilla project content can simply follow that feed and the main service will once again focus on the many individual community voices.

As always, we welcome any and all feedback, either publicly via the newsgroups or blog posts, or privately to planet[@]mozilla[.]org. Please don’t be afraid to contact us if you ever have an issue with something on Planet. As the Mozilla community continues to grow, we all want to work together to ensure everybody has the best experience when reading Planet and that Planet continues to reflect the diversity of views, individuals, and type of content present within our eclectic community.

The Planet Mozilla Module Team (Robert, Asa, Reed, Paul)

Planet Additions: Class Of 2/28/2012

February 28th, 2012 by raccettura

As mentioned previously, we’ve created a new Planet Mozilla Projects which will be home to all project blogs. A RSS feed can be found here.

We’ll likely start removing the duplication in the next week.


Marc Jessome (feed) – Marc is on the release engineering team and work on the Autolanding project. Marc first interned with Mozilla in summer 2011, and has returned for a second internship to continue working on the project. Marc looks forward to sharing updates with Mozillians.

James Burke (feed) – James works for Mozilla Labs and will be blogging about work at Mozilla and JavaScript.

Anthony Hughes feed moved.