Partnering with the National Film Board of Canada

As mentioned on their blog, we have joined a partnership with the NFB’s Platform Development team to investigate ways HTML5 can help add value to their rich catalogue of films from the last 75 years.

Our experiments revolve around Butter, the authoring environment for Popcorn.js. From the beginning, we saw education as a great use case for this technology. What if a teacher could browse the NFB’s catalogue, select regions of films, drag them to a playlist, add related content from the web on Wikipedia or Google Maps, and create a custom “lesson plan” from this material?

What if a student could create their own “book report” using the same methodology? Along with developers at A Navalla Suiza, Bocoup, the NFB developer team and Mozilla, we’re going to be exploring this idea and creating a reference implementation over the coming months. Stay tuned!