Videoblog: Buttercamp

Everyone is still recovering a bit from Buttercamp. Anna Sobiepanek beat us all to it with a great recap of the event, but let me say how thankful I am for the extraordinary effort the participants put into the day. We learned a lot about how to do events like these, and definitely left wanting to do more.

As Anna mentioned in her blog, our biggest lessons were a) the need for designers to be present, and b) that we should probably do these over two days. Scott Downe benefited from teaming with Zach Liberman, and mentioned that 2 developers are crucial for a team, so that if one struggles with a blocker, the other can forge ahead. Well noted.


Note: these demos will all require a modern browser, may not work for you at all, and are the product of one day’s work.
GML + Popcorn:
Integrating the Graffiti Markup Language (GML) XML standard with timed popcorn events.

An experiment with “node” style decision forking using popcorn

To have popcorn events appear in specific locations on a full screen video, Brian Chirls wrote a popup video plugin. Video events that appear cause the main video to lower volume and loop.

Digital Diaspora Road Show:
Accompanying the feature documentary Through A Lens Darkly, filmmaker Thomas Allen Harris creates “Roadshows” were participants explore how photography connects them to their heritage. This demo made extensive use of the Butter application, and to facilitate multiple editors, Boaz Sender added import/export functionality to the edge version of Butter.
note: this demo does not work in Firefox due to mp4 only source.

Kapor Center Mural Unveiling
Trevor Parham used Butter initially for data entry, but then decided to focus on CSS and layout to create this compelling use case for popcorn: an annotated version of a recent event at the Kapor Center.

A modified version of PatternSketch, which controls videos via popcorn to create a video remix machine.
note: use keyboard keys Q W E R to control video.

In addition to these demos, other plugins, connections, and starts of new projects were forged. Thanks to ITP, the Center for Development of Open Technology, Bocoup and Eyebeam for helping facilitate this meeting of great minds.

Buttercamp was:

Michael McCarthy
Henrik Moltke
Yasmin Elayat
Kirby Ferguson
Peter Asaro
Peter Kaufman
Ann Bennet
Thomas Allen Harris
Woo Cho
Anna Sobiepanek
Baowen Huang
Ben Moskowitz
Boaz Sender
Bobby Richter
Brett Gaylor
Brian Chirls
Elad Schanin
Fred Truman
Greg Dorsainville
Ingrid Kopp
Jeff Howard
Jeremy Diamond
Jonathan McIntosh
Matt Thompson
Rick Waldron
Scott Downe
Todd Carter
Trevor Parham
Yujin Yi
Zachary Leiberman

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