Popcorn 0.5: now with Soundcloud!

One of the great things about popcorn is how easy it is to write plugins. To accommodate the work being done by Mark Boas and Henrik Moltke on the Hyperaudio project, the popcorn community came together to create a plugin for Sound Cloud, the extremely popular hosting and sharing service for musicians and audiophiles. On the Popcorn IRC channel, Sound Cloud developers worked side by side with students like Steven Weerdenburg to create the functionality that would make the rich features of the Sound Cloud API available to popcorn developers, which was great to see. I know Henrik and company have some exciting demos that will be making use of this functionality!

In addition to SoundCloud, this release focused on making sure that plugins inherit functionality – this is the power of open source in action, in that each developers contribution adds to the power of the software, creating a veritable Voltron of powerful HTML5 media goodness. For a detailed look at what developers from Seneca College’s CDOT, the folks at Bocoup and other popcorn developers created for this release, check the ChangeLog.

Of course, you should download the new version of popcorn.js here!