Popcorn 0.6 – sequencing, animated maps + more

Popcorn releases are finding a regular groove, and today brings Popcorn.js 0.6. Download it here.

In addition to the multitude of fixes and improvements that you can view on our changelog, the biggest feature of our 0.6 release is the ability to chain multiple videos together in sequence. This will open up many exciting possibilities for the popcorn project, which we plan to put into great use with Butter. If you’re been thinking of using popcorn to chain together multiple videos, now is a great time to take a close look at popcorn.

Another great feature of 0.6 is the ability to create “tweened” Google maps experiences. Inspired by this popcorn demo by Nick Fox-Gieg, we wanted to enable creators to animate between different Google Maps placements. Of note is that this plugin was worked on by contributor Cole Gillespie, who came to Popcorn via a submission to the Knight/Mozilla Technology Partnership (MoJo).

The popular “word river” feature of the Radiolab Hyperaudio demo was also spruced up to be a plugin that can be used by any author who wishes to take advantage of this functionality.

Plugins for Facebook and LinkedIn round out the user-facing additions to the library. As always, if you’d like to get involved in the evolution of this project, visit our community page to find out how!