Video: Popcorn Maker walkthrough

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var $p = Popcorn(“#video”).footnote({“id”:”footnote1311722905239″,”start”:6.75,”end”:12,”text”:”Read Ben’s post here“,”target”:”footnote-container”}).footnote({“id”:”footnote1311722958997″,”start”:19.75,”end”:23.75,”text”:”You can try this early version here“,”target”:”footnote-container”}).footnote({“id”:”footnote1311723055033″,”start”:28.75,”end”:32.75,”text”:”View this page here“,”target”:”footnote-container”}).footnote({“id”:”footnote1311723055033″,”start”:36,”end”:40,”text”:”View this page here“,”target”:”footnote-container”}).footnote({“id”:”footnote1311723448171″,”start”:150,”end”:155.5,”text”:”Gaza/Sderot“,”target”:”footnote-container”}).footnote({“id”:”footnote1311723485398″,”start”:157.25,”end”:161.25,”text”:”The Wilderness Downtown“,”target”:”footnote-container”});
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Ben Moskowitz has done a great job outlining how our thinking has evolved for creating an authoring layer for Popcorn.js. Read his post.

He’s also outlined how students at the Bay Area Video Coalition will use it.

This post digs into some details of how we’re imagining the process of using the app. Please leave your comments below!

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  1. MarkC wrote on :

    Please ensure it will also be able to use audio elements as a timing source, not just video. If you’ve got just audio data, whether it’s a piece of music, an interview or even an audiobook, sprucing it up with some timed or interactive content could make it even more compelling.

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    […] These meetings formed the basis of the feedback we needed to create Popcorn Maker, our graphical user interface for Popcorn. Over the summer, the students of Seneca College’s Center for Development of Open Technology worked with Mozilla’s Bobby Richter and filmmaker/developer Brian Chirls on an alpha version of Popcorn Maker. We blogged about this process here. […]