Popcorn 0.8

It’s been a busy month in the popcorn community. While we’ve been furiously working on Popcorn Maker, the community pulled together last week to land some changes to Popcorn.js. Download it now!

You can see the many changes here in our changelog. Some standouts for this release are:

  • Popcorn.locale – this provides much needed internationalization. Author Rick Waldron has already documented the changes in this API documentation, so if you are keen to offer popcorn in multiple languages, definitely check this out.

  • We have removed support for Google Translate and Google News based on Google deprecating these APIs.
  • The Google Maps plugin has much better support for headings – you can see it in action on the Google Maps plugin page
  • During this release we have added over 100 new tests to ensure that Popcorn is as bug-free as possible.

    Our next release, v0.9, will be our largest ever. As always, we’ll need lots of help. If you’re a Javascript developer, please join us on our issue tracker to see if there is a ticket you can help out with. Now is a great time to get involved with a library nearing maturity!