The Living Docs Hack Day

On October 12th and 13th, ITVS (the Independent Television Service) and Mozilla convened 6 filmmaking teams and 6 of the world’s best html5 video developers at Mozilla’s San Francisco Office. They were gathered to participate in the Living Docs hackathon – a two day event framing the larger Living Docs project.

Each filmmaking team had developed a concept for how their documentary film could be translated to the web, using HTML5 and popcorn.js. In calls, webinars and face to face meetings leading up to the event, the filmmakers had been asked to consider a “living documentary” approach, where the content of their piece is informed and augmented by media that exists on the web. Through this approach, the goal is a documentary experience that is unique to each user and each viewing.

The results were nothing less than extraordinary. Each filmmaking team, many who had never authored interactive work, was able to create a compelling and emotional experience that was heightened by the addition of web-based content. And each developer present was able to fulfil these visions while keeping the intent of the overall documentary.

I suggest you watch them for yourself, and stay tuned – our goal is to provide production financing to a selection of these projects so they can be fully realized.

Please note: all of these projects are prototypes created over 2 days and are meant as proofs of concept. You’ll need a modern browser, such as the latest Firefox or Chrome, in order to view.

The Interrupters:
Steve James, Anton Seales Jr, Rick Waldron

Jigar Mehta, Brian Chirls, Georgia Wells, Jason Sussberg

Aman Ali, Musa Syeed, Bassam Tariq, Bobby Richter

The Island President
Bonni Cohen, Spencer Adler, Nalin Patel, Scott Downe

Adrian Baker, Tane Ross, Cole Gillespie

¿Más Bebés?
Renee Tajima-Pena, Kate Trumbull, Abram Stern, Atul Varma
(url not available)

Following the hack day, Angela Watercutter at wrote up a fantastic recap of the event that is definitely worth a read.

Stay tuned for further news about the projects developed at the hack day – our hope is to see these taken further in 2012!

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