Evolving documentary with Highrise

Mozilla is proud to have collaborated with the team from Highrise, a unique multi-project documentary from the National Film Board of Canada exploring “vertical living” around the world.

What does citizenship mean in a transnational, globalised context? One Millionth Tower, the latest strand of the multi-media, multi- award-winning HIGHRISE project from the National Film Board of Canada, teams a group of highrise residents in Toronto with architects and animators to re-imagine their surroundings and transform their dilapidated highrise neighbourhood into a vibrant, resident-led community.

Using cutting-edge open-source technology, this interactive documentary enables a 3D storytelling environment within a web browser, incorporating the magic of cinema, architecture and animation. A hyper-local story with a global resonance in its vision for a more human-friendly urban planet – and world wide web.

Mozilla provided technical expertise, guidance and support throughout the development of the project. Together with Highrise + the NFB, we hosted the world premiere at the Media, Freedom and The Web Festival in London.

See for yourself how Highrise is rethinking the documentary genre on the web, and how Popcorn is helping to make it happen, at highrise.nfb.ca/onemillionthtower

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  1. Sveta wrote on :

    I like the one million tower video, especially that it has “subtitles” (actually, it needs to be captioned, i.e. to have sound descriptions to those who cannot hear). I’m one of 37 million of people with hearing loss in the USA. At first, I could not find subtitles, then saw them in bottom left. Can you also please add the “CC” icon and move the captions to the bottom center? Also, make text yellow on black instead of black on white as it is easier to read.

    Another thing I would like to mention that the following page:

    It has a video that is not captioned. Could you please add captions there?