Popcorn.js 1.2

Hot on the heels of Popcorn Maker v0.2, the Popcorn team is proud to announce the release of Popcorn.js v1.2! It’s been 3 months in the making and we’ve got some hot new features for you to play with:

Beta Internet Explorer 8 support

Thanks to the efforts of Scott Downe and Greg Kindel at RAMP, we have Popcorn.js working with Youtube in IE8 in addition to our supported browsers. Some plugins work, such as subtitle and footnote, and we will be adding support for more in the future. If you’re interested in adding support for your own Flash players to Popcorn.js, please read the documentation.

update: It appears that as of 1.2, we are now passing all Internet Explorer 10 tests, as well!

Allow content to remain after ended

The behaviour of plugins has been enhanced to give authors more control over the life-cycle of displayed content. Authors may now set the value of “end” to either false or undefined, which will cause the content to remain forever. Previously, unspecified “end” properties would default to the duration of the video. This change will allow plugins to stay active after the media has ended.

Popcorn.smart player

This new add-on will load Popcorn with the correct player based on the URL. Popcorn authors will now be able to add a youtube, vimeo, or native html5 media file and have Popcorn call the right player. See the documentation.

Deprecated methods

We have deprecated the following methods:

  • listen (now “on”)
  • unlisten (now “off”)
  • trigger (now “emit”)
  • exec (now “cue”)
  • The functionality of each old and new method is exactly the same, just with a shorter alias.

Grab bag

  • Added Rdio plugin
  • Added Popcorn.removePlayer
  • Added loadedmetadata, loadeddata, canplaythrough, and ended events to Youtube.
  • Fixed Youtube autoplaying on load
  • Moved development to http://github.com/mozilla/popcorn-js
  • Moved Popcorn.parser, Popcorn.player, and Popcorn.locale out in their own modules
  • Updated test suite to QUnit 1.3

Head over to our downloads page or fork us on Github to get started with Popcorn 1.2!