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Allison Banks

Vice President, People

As leader of the human resources team for Mozilla, Allison is responsible for all aspects of hiring, developing and ensuring our people have what they need to help move our mission forward.

Allison’s experience is in building the human side of technology organizations — from corporations and privately held companies to start-ups going through IPO. She’s worked in finance, hardware and software companies, and especially enjoys the anything-is-possible attitude of software organizations. Over the past 20 years she’s built multiple operations with global presences in the Americas, Europe and Asia — going far beyond developing systems, maintaining documentation and ensuring consistent policies. She identifies needs and recruits talent from entry to board level. She connects to people by understanding and appreciating their unique potential, contributions, needs and circumstances. She builds community by connecting people through shared experiences, and helps companies design and maintain their own unique cultures.

Allison graduated from UCLA with a degree in English and got into HR through an administrative HR position at Ingres, where she realized that she loved working with the human side of business. Allison worked at Citibank in recruiting and moved on to Perforce Software during the dot-com bubble, taking that start-up from 20 people in one country to over 300 people on three continents. After 12 years it was time for a change and Allison joined GoPro in 2012 when the company had 200 people. Over the last three years she hired 900 people, opened offices in seven countries, integrated acquisitions and built all the HR competencies necessary to meet the challenges of its IPO.

Twitter: @alliesuz

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