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Eric Rescorla

Mozilla Fellow

Eric is a Fellow in the office of the CTO at Mozilla, focused on developing the next generation of internet technologies for networking, security and real-time media.

Since joining Mozilla in 2013, Eric has been focused on advanced technologies and Mozilla’s technical strategy. Eric was instrumental in the development of WebRTC, which brought voice and video to the browser and worked with Cisco to start OpenH264, which allows Open Source projects to use the world’s most popular video codec for free. He also played a key role in starting Let’s Encrypt, which makes it easy for anyone to run a secure website.

Eric’s background is in communications security, especially Transport Layer Security (TLS), the foundational security protocol for the Web. He is the former chair of the IETF TLS Working group as well as the editor of the TLS and HTTPS specification. Eric co-designed DTLS, and is the author of one of the standard books on TLS. Eric was on the Internet Architecture board from 2002 to 2008 and in 2007 served on California Secretary of State Debra Bowen’s Top-to-Bottom Review of the voting systems certified for use in California.

Eric holds a B.S. degree in chemistry from Yale University.

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