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Mary Ellen Muckerman

Vice President, Brand Engagement

Mary Ellen is the VP of Brand Engagement, responsible for the brand strategy positioning and narrative of Mozilla and Firefox, as well as the design and production of many of the engagement assets we develop to create relationships with people around the world.

Prior to joining Mozilla, Mary Ellen spent several years at Wolff Olins, a global brand consultancy where, as leader of their San Francisco office and the US strategy team, she worked with clients like Mozilla, the Smithsonian, Target and Google to help them identify what makes them unique and relevant to their audiences and then apply that strategic idea both internally, to guide their culture and capabilities, and externally, to influence their products, services and communications. Mary Ellen also held brand and marketing roles during her 10 years at Target and learned the retail ropes in regional marketing at McDonald’s and store management at The May Company Department Stores.

Mary Ellen holds a B.S. in Business from Miami University and an M.L.S. from the University of Minnesota.

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