Feature Pages & Lists & Wikis, oh my

While it’s going to be a few weeks before I’ll be able to begin implementation, I thought I would post a quick update about the upcoming changes to the wiki Feature Pages, Lists, and tracking system.

Long story short: I’m working on an iterative improvement to the existing system that should make the whole thing a lot easier to use. The main improvements are:

1) A refined format for the Feature Pages that includes a more logical (chronological) ordering to the contents, and

2) The use of an extremely handy Mediawiki add-on that makes it possible to query the pages and automatically generate lists on other wiki pages. This will eliminate the need to manually edit the Feature Lists, Inbox, and Release Tracker, while also making it possible for different teams to generate customized lists to meet their own needs (as has been requested by basically everyone ever).

There’s a second add-on I’m hoping we can use that will hugely simplify the Feature Page creation and editing process, but that add-on is still in Security Review and there’s no guarantee it will pass. Fingers crossed.

I’ll be doing a final simplification pass on the latest Feature Page format proposal today and will circulate it for review and feedback before the end of the week. I’ll blog about it on either Friday or Monday, and there will be an opportunity for everyone to give feedback on it for two weeks. Unfortunately, during that two weeks I’ll be on vacation and offline, but will immediately dive back into things when I return, finalizing the changes and starting implementation by the end of June.

If you have any questions or feedback about this stuff, please don’t hesitate to ping me by email (deb-at-mozilla-dot-com) or in IRC (“dria”). Thanks!

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3 Responses to Feature Pages & Lists & Wikis, oh my

  1. Havvy says:

    I ended up creating some templates to ease in the usage of Semantic Mediawiki. I called them Template:SMW x Query where x is UL, List, Embed, or Category. The template is passed one variable which is the query to be executed. I found it save me having to look up how to get the requested format when creating new queries.

  2. Dan Mosedale says:

    FYI, it’s really great to have this stuff be maintained in an ongoing, comprehensible format. Thanks much for your work iterating on this, Deb!

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