Firefox 5 minor update for Mac coming soon

We will be making an update available to Firefox 5 before the scheduled release of Firefox 6.  This update will affect Macintosh users only.  This update will fix two specific problems:

  • There is a bug present in the upcoming release of OSX 10.7 that causes Firefox to crash when using downloadable fonts.  Downloadable fonts are used widely on the web, so users would have suffered severe crash problems.  We alerted Apple to the problem before the release of 10.7 but they did not fix the problem before 10.7 went to final release.  We’ve changed the font APIs that we’re using to newer versions which appear to fix the problem.  Users on 10.6 and before will continue to use the old APIs to reduce risk.  Later versions of Firefox will move all 10.6 and later users to the new APIs.
  • Apple recently updated Java on OSX 10.5 and it broke the Java plugin in Firefox.  Although the number of people using Firefox on 10.5 is quite small, this update fixes Firefox so that it can load the Java plugin on 10.5.

We’ve moved to a train model for Firefox, which means that we make releases of Firefox every six weeks for both security and new features.  Our model includes the capability to do minor updates for security or crash problems.  This will be our first out-of-band update since the minor updates we did in between the release of Firefox 4 and Firefox 5.

People still running the Firefox 3.6 release of Firefox will also see an update.  For 3.6 we will be disabling downloadable fonts for people running on OSX 10.7.

Firefox 3.6 users who upgrade to OSX 10.7 may also see scrollbar rendering issues.  For people who see scrollbar issues, we encourage you to upgrade to Firefox 5.

This update will only affect users of OSX.  Windows and Linux users should not see any updates.

Note: If you would like to help test these changes please try Firefox from our Aurora channel, which already contains these changes.

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20 Responses to Firefox 5 minor update for Mac coming soon

  1. ValCapri says:

    Are you planning to implement the new full screen API and the gradient grey of 10.7 on Firefox ?

    Thank you,

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  4. Vishvesh says:

    Is this Download-able font crash issue seen on Firefox 4/4.0.1 on Lion(10.7)?

  5. -_- says:

    This update will only affect users of OSX. Windows and Linux users should not see any updates.

    If Windows and Linux users should not see any updates for 5.0 and 3.6 then why is there 3.6.19 and 5.0.1 builds for Windows and Linux on mozilla site and all-older page ?

    Any actual fixes for Windows/Linux or a mistake?

    • blizzard says:

      We still do builds, we just won’t put them up for people to download because there’s no change in the code. It’s avoiding the pain of updating and downloading.

  6. -_- says: and all-older page for 3.6.* version still have Windows and Linux builds for 5.0.1 and 3.6.19 for download though since you say they were not put up for download.

    Would have thought these two updates would have been like the old Firebird 0.7.1 where is was a update just for Mac OSX then also.

  7. -_- says:

    Found more extensive information in Christian Legnitto’s blog.

  8. -_- says:

    Found more extensive information in Christian Legnitto’s blog.

  9. -_- says:

    Found more extensive information in Christian Legnitto’s blog.

    christian dot legnitto dot com

  10. Francis says:

    Will these issues affect Seamonkey and Thunderbird? Will Seamonkey and Thunderbird be updated soon to fix these issues there if they are affected similarly?

  11. james page says:

    I’m on OS 10.6 and Firefox no longer works here. Might be related to the Java update mentioned above. Anyway when will this fix be coming?

    • blizzard says:

      How do you mean “no longer works?” Does it not start up? I would be surprised if it was related to the Java update, but it’s possible. We do accidentally introduce regressions from time to time. But I doubt it. I would need more information.

      • james page says:

        Thanks for your response. I get his msg-
        “Offline mode Firefox is currently in offline mode and can’t browse the Web.”

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  13. Phil says:

    Firefox 5 on Mac 10.6.8 is a disaster at best. I tried to apply for a job and they wanted my information from Linkedin and I could not make it work. On my on line e statement with my bank certain selections are not there as they are on the same page with Safari. I consistantly get
    text on top of text…at and other common sites. Its amazing that the authors could put this out with
    all the severe problems. This text on top of text was on Firefox 4 too. Even the reporting page on help has distorted text and boxes that are half the size or omitted.
    To report problems, I had to google the post address of Firefox and send a postcard with the post. Amazing.

    • james page says:

      I’m on 10.6.8 and FF 5.0.1. and I’ve had the text on text thing occasionally but overall FF has been well behaved. But recently, and i believe it was after some Apple software updates, FF stopped working completely.
      Does someone know if there is a fix coming soon or should i just chuck it and go back to Safari permanently?

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