Firefox 3.6.2 Released

Mozilla has accelerated its timetable and released Firefox 3.6.2 ahead of schedule. This release contains a number of security fixes, including a fix to Secunia Advisory SA38608 which was previously discussed on this blog when we were first made aware of and were then able to confirm the issue.

For additional information please see Mozilla Foundation’s Security Advisory MFSA-10-08 as well as the Firefox 3.6.2 Release Notes. We urge users to promptly update to this release by selecting “Check for Updates…” from the “Help” menu, or by visiting for a free download.

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  1. Geoff wrote on

    I upgraded to 3.6.2 on my Mac with OS 10.4, i can no longer get into any secure https sites that includes google mail, all my banking etc…
    this is progress ??? I will add that these same sites will load in safari 4.0.5.

  2. Tytan wrote on

    @Daniel Veditz, @emarell & Everyone Else

    According to Firefox 3.6.2, they are installed and enabled, but yet none actually show up. I tried with a toolbar on it and right-clicked to see if they were checked, but they didn’t show up on the list. The only place they show up is on the Add-ons list. So, I went into the Program Files (x86) and looked for Mozilla Firefox, but yet when I went into it, the only things there were empty folders:
    Yes, it sounds crazy and trust me, I had to refresh it because I didn’t believe it. No other files were there, just those empty folders. And the weirdest of all, Firefox was still able to run! So, until Mozilla comes out with another update, I’m not installing 3.6.2, as I end up uninstalling it and re-installing 3.6.

  3. emarell wrote on


    Once again, many thanks for your sanity-supportive comments. One sees continued insistence that 3.6.2 is just fine & dandy, but to me that’s a river in Egypt: “deNile.”

    For your own protection I wouldn’t use 3.6 either, even though it may appear to operate well. It’s the first version that supports WOFF, and that’s where the security emergency lies. Go for 3.5.8 or 3.5.7 instead (installers still available at These are not vulnerable to the WOFF danger.

  4. Daniel Veditz wrote on

    @Tytan: please don’t go back to 3.6 with known/published security holes! If 3.6.2 isn’t working for you then please go back to the latest supported 3.5 version (3.5.8). And I urge you to work with the folks at to figure out what’s going on: 1) they see all kinds of weird stuff and may know the fix, and 2) if it’s a problem they haven’t seen they’ll try to get enough information so we can figure it out and fix it.

    I don’t understand how Firefox can be running if its install directory is empty. Are the files hidden from your account (try from an admin account)? Did the running Firefox get installed somewhere else (right-click on the short-cut and check its file path)?

    Oh, getting 3.5.8… two ways.
    1) Through the web site: under the download button there’s an “Other systems and languages” link. In the right-hand column you’ll find a 3.5.8 link under an “Other Versions” heading.

    2) from our raw download site: Go to and download whichever one you’re looking for.

  5. berke wrote on

    I use Firefox 3.6.2 Turkish
    I have a problem with “C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\extensions\{9CE11043-9A15-4207-A565-0C94C42D590D}\chrome\content”
    in the “content” folder there is “timer.xul”
    Microsoft Security Essentials report a problem with this, it said that “timer.xul” is a trojan.
    I delete “timer.xul” many times but when I open the folder there is a new “timer.xul”
    how can I resolve this problem?

    Microsoft Security Essentials’s report (in Turkish)

    Kategori: Truva Atı

    Açıklama: Bu program tehlikelidir ve saldırgandan gelen komutları yürütür.

    Öneri: Bu yazılımı hemen kaldır.

    Microsoft Security Essentials, gizliliğinizi tehlikeye atabilecek veya bilgisayarınıza zarar verebilecek programlar algıladı. Bu programların kullandığı dosyalara, dosyaları kaldırmadan kullanmaya devam edebilirsiniz (önerilmez). Bu dosyalara erişmek için, ‘İzin Ver’ eylemini seçin ve ‘Eylemleri uygula’yı tıklatın. Bu seçenek kullanılamıyorsa, yönetici olarak oturum açın veya yerel yöneticinizden yardım isteyin.

    containerfile:C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\extensions\{9CE11043-9A15-4207-A565-0C94C42D590D}\chrome\content\timer.xul
    file:C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\extensions\{9CE11043-9A15-4207-A565-0C94C42D590D}\chrome\content\timer.xul->(SCRIPT0000)

    how can I resolve this problem?

    1. Daniel Veditz wrote on


      Your computer appears to have been infected with W32/Routrobot.Worm (also called Prolaco by other A-V). According to McAfee it spreads through email attachments, autoplay on removable drives like USB sticks, and P2P networks by masquerading as popular search targets.

      If your Anti-virus can’t clean up the full infection (including the parts that keep regenerating it) you need to try another program.

  6. Tytan wrote on

    Ok guys. Here’s where I stand at now.
    •I tried 3.5.7 – Didn’t work
    •I tried 3.5.8 – Didn’t work
    •I tried 3.6 – Worked
    •I tried 3.6.2 – Didn’t work
    It seems that only Firefox 3.6 will work, which isn’t the best thing. I tried talking to someone on the Live Chat last night, but they ended up ditching me because it was closing time…of course. I now only have 2 options:
    •Keep Firefox 3.6
    •Switch to another browser

    @Daniel Veditz
    •The files are not hidden
    •Only have 1 account which is an admin
    •C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox

    I think that I might just use another browser until 3.6.3 or whatever it will be called comes out.

  7. emarell wrote on

    At this writing I have seen no response to the question of why we really needed WOFF support, and what happens if Joe Average Web Surfer never does ‘up’grade to any browser that offers it. That is, what occurs when one accesses some web page that would transmit/display its own idiosyncratic font via the WOFF protocol [???], except the browser in use doesn’t support that?

  8. Tytan wrote on


    Ok guys. I tried the forum and I got what I needed! I had to delete the following from the “%APPDATA%\Mozilla\”:
    It works fine and all of my add-ons are running! Thanks for the help guys.

  9. Daniel Veditz wrote on


    If your browser doesn’t support WOFF then generally you’ll get a fallback to a default installed font. It’s possible that if the page designer really wants things to look just so they might serve alternate content to browsers that don’t support WOFF, such as using images for their headlines to get just the font they want (I’m sure you’ve seen that on sites).

  10. Annon wrote on

    3.6.2 FF is having problem about Site Loading but the page is BLANK.


  11. Oscar wrote on

    When you are trying to open a new tab or window is not working. Just a page in blank………………………….

    Any solution

  12. Scoutinglady wrote on

    Upgraded to 3.6.2 today and now when I right click on a jpg emailed to me to save it nothing happens…I needed to do this for some school work and now I’ll have to go to IE which I hate to do but at least it works. There are issues with JAVA as well and I need that for access to online classes. This just sucks…

  13. Blake wrote on

    Firefox 3.6.2 running on WinXP is showing a blank white page when trying to view

    The page shows up fine using MSIE.

    Please help.

  14. rogerrabbit wrote on

    I have had a similar problem, except all my browsers have been affected by it since installing FF 3.6.2 I can’t understand why.

    I thought it might be my ISP, but they checked it out and the problems is not coming from them. So I started fooling around with IE8 and decided to make it my default browser again today, all of a sudden everything is working again on Firefox, pages are loading like before. No blank pages. So for now making your default browser Internet Explorer again may solve your problem. I have tested this on three different computers so far and I got the same result, not sure if it will solve everyone else’s page load problems.

  15. Concerned User wrote on

    Hi there! Upgraded to 3.6.3, very smooth, all my addons are working fine. Great job Mozilla team! I think you’re among the first to patch the pwn2win flaws. Kudos!

  16. vexy wrote on

    I didn’t played around with FF 3.6 since well..3.6, for some reason, it ate alot of resources. Gave a try to 3.6.3 and it seems way way more quicker than always? What’s up with that? Not that it’s a bad thing…actually I”m quite hapyp about it. GJ Mozilla!

  17. aka wrote on

    I’m currently running 3.6.3 which is basically 3.6.2 + bug 555109 fixed. No problems so far including the update process, add-ons functionality or stability. 3.6.2 ran smoothly as well (upgraded then from 3.5.5).

    @Blake your website looks weird in Chrome as well, compared with IE. I think you should fix your code a bit.

  18. James wrote on

    I tried to update from 3.6.2 to 3.6.3 and a dialog box comes up and cannot find licensing verification file. Do I have to do a full install or is this another problem?

    1. Daniel Veditz wrote on

      Firefox does not have a license file, that message is from some other software (possibly one that has hooked into Firefox in an incompatible way).

  19. Kyra wrote on

    Well, I had also a problem upgrading from 3.6.2 to 3.6.3, but did a cleann full install, everything is ok 🙂 The thing is, the 3.6.3 is almost flawless minus the Hotmail/Live problems, also reported here

  20. Flash wrote on

    Firefox remains still the no 1 browser. I don’t understand why people complain so much about it, I have it installed on all my computers (Win + Mac) and it’s working perfectly. I must admit tho, without those hundreds of plugins, Firefox could have some competition. Kudos Mozilla!

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