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Multi-Account Containers Add-on Sync Feature

Image of the Multi-Account Containers Sync On-boarding ScreenThe Multi-Account Containers Add-on will now sync your container configuration and site assignments.

Firefox Multi-Account Containers allows users to separate their online identities into different tab types called Containers. Each Container has its own separate storage and cookies.  This way, their browsing activity in one Container is not accessible to websites in other Containers. This privacy feature allows users to assign sites to only open in a specific Container. For instance, it permits them to set your shopping websites to always open in a Shopping Container. This keeps advertising tracking data from those websites separate from the user’s Work Container. Users can also use Containers for separate areas of their life, like work and personal email. The user can separate email accounts from the same provider, so they don’t have to log in and out of each account. For more information about how to use the containers add on, visit the Mozilla support page.

The new sync feature will align Multi-Account Containers on different computers. The add-on carries over Container names, colors, icons, and site assignments on to any other machines with the same Firefox account.

If you have allowed automatic updates of the add-on, your extension should update on its own. The first time you click the Multi-Account Container icon after the update, an on-boarding panel will allow you to activate sync.

In order to use this feature, you will need to be signed in to a Firefox account in Firefox.