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Hack in the Box HackWeekDay 2014

The Mozilla security team is proud to be once again sponsoring the Hack-in-the-Box HackWeekDay competition, this time at the Haxpo conference in Amsterdam, 28-30 May 2014. Come learn about Firefox … Read more

HITBSecConf HackWeekDay 2013

HITBSecConf HackWeekDay 2013 Mozilla is proud to be once again sponsoring HackWeekDay at the Hack-in-the-Box security conference in Malaysia in October. The event is a chance for developers – both … Read more

OCSP Stapling in Firefox

OCSP Stapling has landed in the latest Nightly builds of Firefox! OCSP stapling is a mechanism by which a site can convey certificate revocation information to visitors in a privacy-preserving, … Read more

Using CryptoStick as an HSM

Mozilla maintains a wide range of services which are secured using different solutions.  For internal repositories, our Operations Security team has chosen to use the low-cost, open source and open … Read more

HTTP Strict Transport Security

The lack of (or inconsistent use of) SSL puts users’ security and privacy at risk. Increasingly, popular sites require SSL not only for operations which are known to directly involve … Read more

Preloading HSTS

HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security [1][2]) is a mechanism by which a server can indicate that the browser must use a secure connection when communicating with it. It can be … Read more

Mozilla’s Commitment To Security

October is National Cyber Security Awareness month and we want to take the opportunity to reiterate Mozilla’s security commitment to the Web. From Firefox for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android to … Read more

Mozilla Security Changes

We’ve decided to reorganize our security teams and as part of the change we are going to be using this blog in some new ways. The most notable change is … Read more

Plugging the CSS History Leak

Privacy isn’t always easy. We’re close to landing some changes in the Firefox development tree that will fix a privacy leak that browsers have been struggling with for some time. … Read more