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Make someone’s day in just 10 minutes!

Firefox support is one of the most rewarding ways you can give back to the Firefox community and answering questions on the forums is the simplest and fastest way to contribute.  There are just two steps: Register and answer.  With hundreds of new threads every day, it’s simple to find an issue you can help with and jump right in. In just ten minutes, you can help two, three or even ten users have a much better Firefox experience.  For some users, a link to the right knowledge base article or just a few suggestions make all the difference between hours of frustration and enjoying the bounty of the internet.  Not only that, but helping research a question can sometimes lead you to discover features of Firefox you didn’t know about, knowledge base articles you hadn’t read or even add-ons that you may want to try yourself.  It’s a win-win situation.

So give this a try: set aside just ten minutes each day for the Firefox support forums.  If you find a question you can’t answer, never fear! Try the knowledge base, ask us in the #sumo IRC channel, use the Contributors forum or simply find another thread you can help in.  You’ll be brightening someone’s day somewhere — and that is the best feeling of all.