April 23-27th, 2012 was a Firefox “work week.” The whole Firefox team met up in Toronto, Ontario to learn, mingle, and hack. At that “work week” there was a series of “Lightning Talks” where speakers gave 5-minute appetite-whetting presentations on a variety of topics.

I gave a “Lightning Talk” on the Mozilla Apps initiative, and in particular showed off a little bit of the WebappRT (aka WebRT) technology.

The WebappRT Lightning Talk slides were created using vimwiki and its ‘export to HTML’ functionality.

Feel free to join the Apps discussion!
  Join the #openwebapps channel on irc.mozilla.org
  Check out the Open Web Apps Newsgroup

If you prefer to read documentation, check these out:
  Mozilla Apps Developer Documentation
  Mozilla Apps Wiki

To try out the Apps technology for yourself
  Grab the latest Firefox Nightly build (WebappRT will be available in Firefox 15+)
  Head to the Mozilla Labs Apps test directory and start installing apps!

Note: Native installation (using WebappRT technology) is available in Firefox 15+ (currently in Nightly) on Windows and Mac only. Native installation will not work with other operating systems or version of Firefox.