Mozilla Class Browser

My last attempt at visualizing the Mozilla class hierarchy ended up being way too slow to be useful. So I based my second attempt on using a different tree layout. After quite a few scalability optimizations, the graphing performance is now bearable.

This class browser uses the canvas tag to draw the pretty boxes & lines and links back into lxr. The class browser consumes a JSON file produced by running DeHydra on the layout/ directory. I am happy that I am finally able to examine gigantic code graphs interactively thanks to the <canvas> tag.

In the near future I hope to produce a few different kinds of complete graphs of the entire Firefox codebase. The idea is to have them generated nightly. Then that if someone has a general question about the Firefox codebase, it could be expressed as JavaScript within an interactive console in the browser. The answer would be either be graphed or returned as a JSON object.

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