Garburator: Another day, Another rewrite tool

I’m going to be on vacation until September 25th. I started the day by planning out how to do the rewriting tool to implement Benjamin’s spec. I’ll have to add more position information to elsa to do things properly and that might take a week or two. However, I’m into instant gratification so I wrote up a hacky prototype that results in a patch like this.

Say hi to garburator, a tool that will assist with the reference counting -> MMgc transition. The tool is less than 100 lines long, so someone could finish the hacky version while I am away. Either that or one could teach elsa to keep detailed position information in declarations and identifier names and clean up the postvisitS_decl() method in garburator.

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  1. Just an FYI about your blog as a whole. Something seems to have messed up the formatting. Look a few entries down and you will see that, at some point, a pre tag takes over. Or a code tag. Whichever. This makes the other entries a bit hard to read, as they have no line breaks.

    Just wanted to mention it, in case you wanted to fix it. Thanx.