Feb 08

GCC4 + Elsa, Together at Last?

David Mandelin has been going through Pork fixing bugs and now it is almost working with GCC4. Prior to Dave’s involvement people would run into Elsa’s scary template bugs and switch back to GCC3.4 while trembling with fear. I asked Dave to fix a few easily work-aroundable (in Moz, not in Elsa) crashes in Elsa caused by Mozilla source and he did. Recently, I accidentally ran Elsa on a Mozilla .ii file produced by GCC4 and magically it processed! Turns out that the 3-4 bugs that Dave fixed also fixed 90% of the failures caused by GCC4 headers. The good news is that soon people won’t have to worry about that pesky GCC3.4 dependancy and run rewriting tools easier.

GCC Dehydra

I feel like I’m nearing the feature-complete milestone. I plan to have Dehydra generate conversion code from GCC tree structures to JavaScript objects so we’ll be able to easily hook into any GCC middle-end pass in pure JS.  Dynamic, GCed, introspective nature of JavaScript should allow for very rapid development of code police/extraction/grep tools. This should result in a consistent codebase for Mozilla 2.