Dehydra World Tour

After a few weeks of mindnumbing work on treehydra gutts, I finally have something exciting to talk about!

We will be presenting  Dehydra at the GCC Developer’s Summit in lovely Ottawa. The GCC version of Dehydra exceeded all of my expectations, so it will be exciting to meet awesome GCC hackers who lay the groundwork to make this possible. Got suggestions for other venues to present Dehydra?

Packaging Help Needed

I feel that the Dehydra concept is getting mature enough for a 1.0 release. Recently baked GCC 4.3 means I’ll be able to distribute a 4.3-specific plugin patch(currently it’s against trunk, aka 4.4to-be). Now I need README, LICENSE, configure files, etc.

I will need help with packaging dehydra + patched gcc into .dpkg and .rpm files. Leave a comment, email me/static analysis list or poke me in #mmgc on if you can help with packaging.

Logo/Mascot Wanted

Since every serious project has a cool mascot, it would be cool to get one for Dehydra. I’d be curious to see what people think could symbolize a code scanning monster that makes grep feel inadequate. I have a feeling a cartoon version of a giant Heavy Metal Duck might be it, but I haven’t made up my mind yet.

Treehydra What?

Treehydra is a work-in-progress name for the low-level equivalent of Dehydra. Currently it is built as separate GCC plugin. I haven’t yet made up mind on whether Treehydra will end up extending Dehydra or stay a separate tool. Since treehydra needs dehydra for bootstrap, they’ll stay separate for now.

Last week I managed to run treehydra to completition on my mozilla checkout and walk the resulting AST in JS correctly. Now comes the fun part of making it do useful tricks.


  1. For whatever reason, I always think of the hydralisk from Starcraft whenever I see the name.

  2. A hydra with no heads? 🙂