GCC Summit

Our presentation on Treehydra and Dehydra GCC plugins was received well at the summit.

The big news is that FSF is working on license changes to allow GPL-only GCC plugins. I’m looking forward to having our work be compatible with future GCC without any patching.

In a few minutes we’ll be having a meeting with users of other plugin frameworks to have an initial discussion on a common API. I’m working on forward porting my patches, so they can start getting reviewed ahead of license changes.


  1. GPL-only? How can they forbid a multiple-licensing scheme for the actual code, even if you couldn’t *use* the actual code under a non-GPL license?

  2. Jeff,
    I’m not into this lawyer stuff, I was just posting the informal interpretation that I was given.

  3. Okay, no worries. 🙂 Probably just filtered through their worldview, then, and in any case not that important anyway…

  4. this is a good news.. any progress here? where can i get a preview and be involved in more discussion?