Pull pork with care

I just committed the large giant change to bring down elsa’s namespace pollution to reasonable levels. Elsa code now is now using std::foo style, or using namespace std. As I mentioned before, Elsa’s string is now sm::string, a summary of how to perform similar renames is here. The good news is that Pork will soon work out of the box with a modern toolchain.

For the handful of porkers out there, you need to hg pull & hg up all of the pork repositories. This has been a use-case in why splitting up a codebase into a billion repositories is a bad idea:

a) Lovely, I have to do many commits instead of one

b) To top it off, now my users will curse my name while updating whatever pork repository that interests them most.

I feel like I’m going to throw up if I see any more C++ code diffs in the next 10minutes.

In contrast, while rewriting things on the Mozilla-scale is a lot less feasible manually, it is very rewarding to automate. Gotta love big C++ codebases.

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