Enabling prcheck email notifications

I’ve been running my prbool checker with nightly notifications for about a year now. There are some false positivies, but mostly it picks up real bugs. The checker pulls the blame source to try to guess who is responsible for the error, but so far it has only been emailing me.

I’m going to make it emailed the hg blamed person starting this weekend, so if you commit something and get an email from me complaining about it don’t take it too personally. Hopefully this will keep the amount of new detectable prbool bugs at 0. If you do get an email and decide you don’t want to get these in the future, please complain and we’ll try to come up with a better notification solution.


  1. Wow, this is amazing! Wish we had this for more types of bugs.

    Next step is automatically filing a bug and attaching a patch? 😉

  2. Will you be running it on comm-central as well? If not, can we get the sources so we can run it somewhere?