GCC Plugins are a Go!

The nice folks at FSF allowed GCC have plugins. In a couple of GCC releases, Dehydra(4.5 if we are lucky) will work with distribution GCCs. Of course the API is yet to be decided on, but we have been coordinating with authors of other GCC plugin efforts to ensure that the final API meets reasonable needs.

In the future enabling static analysis checks will involve little more than specifying –with-static-checking in your Mozilla build!


The other breakthrough news is that Joshua Cranmer has been working on hooking up a *hydra style API to the Spidermonkey parser. This resulted in JSHydra. Ability to look into JavaScript has been sorely missing from our stack, so this is extremely exciting.

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  1. “allowed” — what a very politic way of stating it. 🙂

    Snark aside, this all sounds good for Mozilla static analysis — well done on providing some clearly-principled pressure to show that not all people are moochers.