May 09

GCC 4.5 + Dehydra is a go and other updates

I finally landed the remaining GCC patches needed to get a useful Dehydra without any of that gcc-patching pain!

This week I also got some nice contributions from a contributor with a masterplan.

Overall I expect cool things to happen once GCC 4.5 ships with plugin support. It’ll open up a jar of whoopass like C++ has not seen before.

Dehydra Docs

Benjamin redid the Dehydra documentation, it should be easier than ever to get started.

Static Analysis in Mozilla

Slowly but surely we are gathering static analysis momentum. More and more developers are pausing and thinking “I need to make sure this code has an analysis to go with it because there is no way I can prove it correct, time to write a Treehydra script…or ask someone else to make one for me”. This mindset is important for being able to introduce complex changes in a controlled manner.

On the refactoring side, things are held up a little by API compatibility. Perhaps multi-process stuff will shake things up. However, nothing can hold Chris up from letting his piglet/porky gremlins chew through locking code.

May 09

Dehydra Updates

How well are you packing your structs?
Arpad asked that question with an awesome Dehydra script and came up with an interesting list.

GCC 4.3.3 Is supported
GCC 4.3.3(4.3.[210] worked) broke C++ compatibility in the headers used by Dehydra.
Zach pointed out that passing -fpermissive to g++ solves the problem. Sorry to all the people who had issues building the hydras with GCC 4.3.3, that’s fixed now.

As I mentioned before, we are skipping GCC 4.4 support in Dehydra and aiming for supporting unpatched GCC 4.5. I wish that the small GCC patches were as quick to land as that big one I landed a couple of weeks ago :(.