DXR: The Most Impressive Code Navigation Tool Ever

Are you are a developer who has been frustrated by the pathetic state of the art in code search engines and code browsing experience on the web? Have you been longing for being able to view code with more aid than coloured words?

David Humphrey just released his DXR bombshell. The “basic” concept behind DXR is extraction of the rich semantic information gathered by tools like GCC, Spidermonkey and xpidl. This data is then coherently linked together into a pretty UI in order to provide cleverness during code browsing sessions.

DXR will be happy to answer seemingly trivial queries:

  • List implementations of interfaces in C++ (and soon JS).
  • Provide relevant search results by searching semantic data first. No, grep is no longer state of the art for searching code.
  • Switch between definition and declaration.
  • Walk up/down class hierarchies.
  • Lookup typedefs, types, etc.

I’ve been wanting to see this sort of tool built on top information exposed by Dehydra since I got it working. Words can not express how pumped I am about DXR and the magic powers that we will be granting it.

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  1. heard on #seneca:
    cool, OpenOffice.org is going to try dxr on their code