Dehydra Testsuite Passes on GCC 4.5

I spent couple of days fixing the remaining test-suite failures on GCC 4.5 trunk for Dehydra. Since the last time I looked into this, GCC went from crashing all over the place to only crashing if I did something bad. It was nice to discover that as a result of switching to 4.5 Dehydra users will get saner .isExplicit behavior and more precise location info.

Treehydra will take more work due to me misunderstanding GTY annotations.

By the way, I am really grateful for all of the people who contributed GCC 4.5 fixes so far. You guys have been a big help in getting Dehydra testsuite to 100% on 4.5. Looks like I will meet my goals to finish De+Treehydra by the end of the year in time for GCC 4.5 release and my “Introducing Dehydra to the Developer World”-type talk at 2010.

I reduced my focus on startup speed at the moment to catch up on Dehydra. I plan to work on reducing xpconnect overhead during startup next, ie more of this bug.

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  1. Currently the build instructions only explain how to build with gcc 4.3. Could you update them, or just publish the method to follow to build Dehydra with 4.5 ?