Ride to The Coast

I like having guests who bike. So when Brian came over I decided this would be a great opportunity to explore going to the coast and back by bike (velodirt style). The following is a map of our trip (190miles, 2 nights).

The gravel roads were somewhat challenging. It was hard to climb in the heat so at times we had to push our bikes.

Things got more unpleasant when we encountered loose gravel by Tillamook which sent Brian sliding over the edge 🙁

Amazingly he got off without a single scratch (type-inference will go on!).

Eventually we got to Cape Lookout.

The next day we biked to and spent the night in Nehalem Bay.

Then it was time to head back 🙁

On the way back we did some more gravel roads, this time they were really nice. The road took us through a berry-laden forest and rewarded us with some pretty awesome views.

(If you squint you can see Brian)


The thing to keep in mind about gravel roads is that they like to get out of sync with the maps. We had to reroute due to roads going in a different direction, and due to various kinds of deadends.

In one extreme case a road was clearly on the map, but had a “DEAD END” sign on it. Which got us thinking “is this a dead end for cars or is it for real?”. After some climbing, the gravel road reduced to a nice forest path.

Further on it became obvious that someone tried hard to kill this road. Some road hater put up over a dozen tree pile barriers, with some reaching my height.

Turned out the road did indeed go through. Perhaps some day someone will start a cyclocross race dedicated to bringing this road back 🙂

The last highlight of the trip was this delicious-looking buffalo herd.

I love cycling in Oregon.

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