Snappy, Feb 2nd – FOSDEM, Help Wanted

We cancelled last week’s snappy meeting due to Perf/Snappy workweek + FOSDEM. See Jared’s post for a summary of the workweek, I’ll mention the rest below.

We figured out a strategy for avoiding blocking DOM Storage IO (use scriptblocker to async preload relevant dom storage. Do async writeback to commit). We have a plan for cancellable SQL queries, bug 722243.

SetTimeouts/30s telemetry landed in bug 715953, I attached result of that in bug 715376. Persistent telemetry was backed out while Nathan investigates problems, bug 707320.

Brian Bondy has been fixing our usage of Windows APIs:

  • bug 722225 – Firefox startup opt on Windows by optimizing D3D10CreateDevice1 (pending review)
  • bug 722315 – Firefox startup opt on Windows by lazy loading CLSID_DragDropHelper (landed)
  • bug 692255 – Find a way to get rid of prefetch files on Windows for faster startup (pending review)

We spent the weekend at FOSDEM. I re-presented my Plumbers talk on why Linux sucks for starting big apps. I also did a Telemetry talk. The audience was great.

Help Wanted

To my great regret, I forgot to mention that Mozilla is hiring in my talks. In particular, I’m looking for more performance hackers. If enjoy spending quality time with stack traces,writing profilers or analyzing performance logs leave a comment or send me an email. Compiler toolchain and/or kernel hacking experience would be a great bonus.

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