Snappy, March 8

I was away on Thursday, so the following is based on Lawrence’s notes.

Work in Progress

The content team is working on reducing lag caused by background tabs (no specific bug numbers in notes, but I suspect 734015, 715376, 674779).

Vlad is almost done with bug 722368. This will give us coverage of all SQL activity within Firefox. For queries with private data we will only report duration + database name. Locally, within about:telemetry, we’ll be able to report full sql strings if the pref for it is turned on.

Vlad is aiming to wrap up cancelable SQL queries next week, bug 722243. Apparently he’s also almost done with the python symbol server for bug 712109.

Pointless-stat()-reducing bug 521264 is asymptotically reaching landing. Paolo is asyncing favicon consumers in bug 728143 (on the way toward async places). Drew is asyncing content prefs in bug 699859.

Nick is still working on making cache async in bug 723577.

Mark decided to change peptest to be more like talos and to integrate SPS. I am guessing he’ll blog about this.

Landed This Week

Andrews work in bug 728460 should result in the cycle collector running less often.

Most depressing bugfix of the week award goes to Rafael. Firefox no longer considers it appropriate to tickle idle-daily observers tasks late during shutdown, bug 732368.


  1. Wow, all this async work.
    Are you *sure* this isn’t a subtle attempt to get things prepped for e10y? 🙂

  2. I don’t see much connection to e10s (i.e. mainly content/chrome separation). Even with e10s the stuff which Taras addressed sounds like it would be performed in the chrome process anyway so the refactoring is necessary to avoid blocking the UI unnecessarily. And even with content processes you want to avoid doing them unnecessary work to reduce CPU load.