Snappy, June 14th: Telemetry Investigations

There are no news from the Firefox frontend team this week.

Adventures in Measuring Changes

Necko team spent this week investigating why the recent big cache fix was not showing as a win in telemetry.

We were on a verge of a big backout when Saptashi Guha’s analysis in bug 762576 suggested that we might actually be winning. It’s frustrating to have data point us in different directions. However, it is better to try to make sense of data than have no data at all as was the case only a year ago. I’ll have more on this next week.

William McCloskey landed fix to turn on incremental GC for real (bug 761739). This might fix the mysterious recent user-responsiveness regression spotted by telemetry (bug 761722). HeĀ  also landed another GC speed up in 743396.

Mark Cote met with metrics analysts to discuss reporting peptest results robustly. The goal is avoid noise in reporting, so responsiveness regressions are acted upon

Interactivity Profiler

Benoit Girrard added added badges to mark known stacks in the profiler, see his blog post. A few weeks ago Vladan taught the symbolication server to serve data from local .pdb files, allowing developers to use Benoit’s profiler in own builds. Mike Conley added incomplete Thunderbird support to the profiler.


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